5 Tips for Surviving A Thru Hike (and beyond) as a Couple

So you want to thru hike with your partner as a couple, but you’re unsure if that is too much together time. 

What if you need personal time?

Or, what do you do if you need to go to the bathroom near your partner?

What happens if you argue?

All these and more are valid questions to consider when attempting a thru hike with your partner. 

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Springer Fever
26 years later, Allgood reflects on what his inaugural thru-hike of the AT meant for him then, and what it means for him today.
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A hiker sitting on an open air outhouse in hart mountain wildlife area
A wise hiker once said: “The reality of backpacking is that you will most likely not get bit by a rattlesnake, eaten by a bear, attacked by a mountain lion, or harassed by sasquatch, but I guarantee after you have...
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