Lunar Solo Shelter by Lake

Lightweight, Durable, Comfortable

Ultralight Shelters

Designed to work with trekking poles, every SMD ultralight shelter is made with innovative fabrics to ensure your pack stays light and you stay comfortable no matter where you call home for the night.
Lunar Solo Backpacking Tent

Ultralight & Spacious

Lunar Solo Tent

✓ Ultralight

✓ Single pole setup

✓ Weather-tight

Best For

1. Thru Hiking

2. Bikepacking

3. Hikers with dogs

The Lunar Solo is ultralight, sturdy, weather-tight, and comfortable. By utilizing a one pole setup and a unique hexagonal design, this shelter easily deflects high winds, sheds rain and snow with ease, and keeps you safe and comfortable all night long. With 26 sq. ft of internal space, this tent has plenty of room for you, your gear, and even your dog.

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Skyscape Trekker Backpacking Tent

Lightweight & Versatile

Skyscape Trekker Tent

✓ Hybrid Double Wall Design

✓ Extremely Wind Resistant

✓ Long Interior Space

Best For

1. Tall Hikers

2. Star Gazing

3. Thru Hiking & Bikepackers

The Skyscape Trekker is the most versatile one-person tent in the Six Moon Designs lineup. The unique, hybrid double wall design allows this shelter to keep you safe and dry no matter how bad the weather gets. On nice days, it can also provide sweeping 300° views. With an 8’6” interior length, this shelter has plenty of room for the tallest of hikers and their gear.

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Deschutes Tarp Bundle

Ultralight & Ultra Versatile

Deschutes Tarp Bundle

✓ Double Wall Tent

✓ Outer Tarp and Inner Net Tent Can Be Used Together or Separately

✓ Superior Wind and Weather Protection

Best For

1. 3-Season Backpacking

2. Wet & Humid Conditions

3. Bikepacking

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Gatewood Cape Bundle

Ultralight Raingear & Shelter

Gatewood Cape Bundle

✓ Rain Protection to Cover You and Your Pack

✓ Double Wall Tent

✓ Highly Versatile

Best For

1. Thru Hiking

2. Fastpacking

3. Appalachian Trail

The Gatewood Cape Bundle is a modular shelter system that offers a multiuse solution for those hikers looking to go as light and fast as possible without sacrificing comfort in camp. The Gatewood Cape can be used alone as rain gear keeping you and your pack dry while hiking. When in camp, the bundle provides an outstanding ultralight, double wall shelter.

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Lunar Duo Outfitter Tent

Affordable & Palatial

Lunar Duo Outfitter

✓ Spacious Interior

✓ Double Doors & Vestibules

✓ Durable Construction

Best For

1. Couples

2. Hikers With Dogs

3. Rocky Terrain

The Lunar Duo Outfitter is a spacious, 2+ person shelter with an interior floor space of 34 sq. ft. Constructed of 190T Polyester, this highly durable fabric can handle the harshest ground conditions time and again. With dual doors and vestibules, this “backcountry palace” provides plenty of comfort in a nice, affordable package.

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Haven Bundle Tarp

Ultralight & Spacious

Haven Tent

✓ Double Wall Protection

✓ Versatile With Multiple Configurations

✓ 360° Weather Protection

Best For

1. Triple Crown Trails

2. Wet or Buggy Conditions

3. Tall Hikers

The Haven Tent is an ultralight, double wall shelter that combines the Haven Tarp and Haven NetTent. With multiple configurations, this shelter is highly adaptable to the conditions you may encounter. Providing 360° weather protection, double doors and vestibules, this a favorite among long distance hikers and bikers.

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Owyhee Tarp

Ultralight & Spacious

Owyhee Tarp

✓ Full Bug Protection

✓ Ample Interior Space

✓ Removable Bathtub Floor

Best For

1. Fast Packing

2. Couples or Users Wanting Extra Space

3. Buggy & Wet Conditions

The Owyhee Tarp provides a great 2-person shelter, offering full bug and weather protection in an ultralight package. With a full perimeter of No-See-Um netting, internal gear loft, and a removable bathtub floor, this tarp offers a great alternative to a traditional tent.

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