Repairs Guide
Ultralight gear can be great for your outdoor experience. Less weight might mean you're able to hike further with less stress on your body. With that in mind, it is important to know that lightweight products may not be as...
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FAQ - Pack Fitting
Taking Measurements Properly fitting your pack starts with making the right measurements of your Torso Length and Hip Size. The following video made by our friends at Clever Hiker is your first step.   Now you know how to make...
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FAQ - Lunar Solo Perfect Pitch

Unlike a traditional tent, the Lunar Solo's canopy floats off the ground. This allows for 360o of ventilation. Plus the floor is not rigidly fixed. It is designed to float. A floor under tension is more likely to rip or get holes poked in by sharp objects.

These factors combine to make the Lunar Solo a bit more difficult to setup for the first time user. However, we've built a number of features in the tent to help get it setup correctly.

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FAQ - Tarp Tips
Face it, except for the possibility of Cowboy Camping (ie. sleeping with no shelter}, sleeping in a tarp without the extra protection afforded by tents. Is well, pretty daunting to most people. However, in the backcountry unless it's raining most...
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FAQ-Seam Sealing
An important step in keeping dry in your Six Moon Designs shelter is to ensure your seams are adequately sealed. Choosing the best sealer for the job and the best method of application depends upon the fabric used to construct...
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