Lightweight, Durable, Comfortable

Ultralight Backpacks

Designed with care and intention and tested by experience, our hiking packs have the perfect balance of convenience and simplicity.

Streamlined & Efficient

Swift X

✓ Lightweight

✓ Durable

✓ Comfortable

Best For

1. Thru Hiking

2. Bushwhacking and off trail travel

3. Triple Crown trails and long distance routes

A modern take on a time-tested design. Constructed from lightweight yet extremely durable fabric that can handle the most punishing terrain with ease. This do-it-all pack is perfect whether you are going on a quick overnight hike or a calendar year Triple Crown attempt.

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Streamlined & Affordable

Swift V

✓ Ultralight

✓ Customizable

✓ Affordable

Best For

1. Thru Hiking

2. Triple Crown trails

3. Price conscious hikers (tightwads)

A modern take on a time-tested design.  Constructed from lightweight Robic Nylon fabric that has proven time and again to hold up well over thousands of trail miles. This affordable pack is perfect whether you are going on a quick overnight hike or a calendar year Triple Crown attempt.

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Ultralight & Compact

Flight 30 Ultra

✓ Ultralight

✓ Frameless

✓ Stable

Best For

1. Fastpacking

2. Trail running

3. Super ultralight hikers

The Flight 30 Ultra is the perfect frameless pack for trail runners, mountain bikers, fast packers and anyone looking for a low volume pack that is comfortable to wear all day.  Featuring multiple harness options and an adjustable torso, this pack is sure to fit any BODY. Constructed out of either X-Pac or Robic Nylon, this ultralight favorite is ready to take on whatever adventure you have in mind.

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Versatile & Stylish

Wy'east Daypack

✓ Ultralight

✓ Classic Looks

✓ Feature Rich

Best For

1. Day Hikes & Peak Bagging

2. Every Day Carry (EDC)

3. Traveling home & abroad

The Wy’east’s simple design with amazing versatility proves that “the devil is in the details.” This pack is the result of years spent traveling, backpacking and outdoor adventuring. Constructed of Robic Nylon this ruggedly durable pack is just as happy on trail as it is around town.

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Stephen D

Swift X

Excellent design, construction and materials all contribute to the best backpacking experience imaginable. This rig acts as an extension of our anatomies, following all of our steps, turns and hops closely without slinging or shifting around and pulling us off balance.

David L

Wy'east Daypack

The manufacturer's attention to design and their commitment to quality is evident throughout. Love the pockets built into the shoulder straps, as well as the pocket on the top of the pack. Water bottles fit well into the side pockets.

Jake W

Swift X

The backpack is badass. It’s like you read my mind. It's the backpack I would make if I was in the backpack making business. All it’s missing is the stench, and I can supply that :) Thanks Six Moons! Stay small, stay local. Don’t become Columbia, or let the Columbias of the business beat you like they did White Stag. Hiker Trash forever!

Simple, Clean Design

Minimalist V2

✓ Lightweight

✓ Feature Rich

✓ Customizable

Best For

1. Thru Hiking

2. Hikes that require bear cans

3. Triple Crown trails

The Minimalist V2 has the perfect amount of space for all your gear built upon a lightweight suspension system. Don’t let the name fool you though, this pack is full of features. With large external stash pockets to access whatever you deem essential items through the day, and ample space to carry a bear can. This favorite pack among thru hikers is ready to go with you on all your hikes from the Appalachians to The Sierra.

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Rugged & Versatile

Flex PR

✓ Rugged Construction

✓ Dynamic Designs

✓ Waterproof

Best For

1. Packrafting & Portaging

2. Trail work

3. Hunting

The Flex PR is a highly versatile pack designed to comfortably carry heavy and awkward loads. The fusion suspension system helps to stabilize and distribute weight evenly, and paired with either a 50L or 75L dry bag, this pack will keep your gear dry no matter how wet the environment. Whether portaging on a canoe trip, pack rafting on your favorite river, maintaining a trail or backcountry hunting, this load hauler will handle it all with ease.

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