Rain Walker SUL Umbrella
Rain Walker SUL Umbrella
Rain Walker SUL Umbrella
Rain Walker SUL Umbrella
Rain Walker SUL Umbrella
Rain Walker SUL Umbrella
Rain Walker SUL Umbrella

Rain Walker SUL Umbrella

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5.5 oz - 156 g Trekking Umbrella

Say hello to the lightest, full-size trekking umbrella on the market.

Ultralight umbrellas are one of the most underappreciated pieces of gear out on the trail. The Rain Walker SUL offers more ventilation and weighs less than most rain gear and often keeps you drier.


An umbrella is one of the most versatile pieces of gear you can own. It offers a shield from the rain, shade from the sun, can act as a micro-shelter, and even be used as an anchor point for your tarp or tent. The Rain Walker SUL does all of that at a mere 5.5 ounces.

The Rain Walker SUL is a great alternative to traditional rain gear, especially in hot and humid climates. An ultralight umbrella allows you to dress for the temperature instead of the weather.

And in rainy conditions, you have a great mini shelter for checking maps and guidebooks or even snapping pictures.


  • Weight: 5.5 oz - 156 g
  • Closed Length: 25" - 63.5cm
  • Open Width: 37" - 94 cm
  • Coverage: 7.5 ft2 or .7 m2
  • Shaft Length: 23.5" - 60cm
  • Carbon Fiber Frame is ultralight and less conductive than aluminum.
  • EVA Foam Trekking Handle for a sure grip
  • 10 D Silnylon Canopy
  • NOTICE: While we have tested this umbrella in high winds, hail, and other extreme conditions the ultralight components that make up this product require extra care when using this umbrella in the field.


Rain Walker SUL Umbrella Overview

By: Six Moon Designs
Published: 03/12/2021

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Samantha Lasher
So Light!

I used this umbrella on a long distance hiking trip in England. It was incredibly light to throw in my backpack and easy to pull out and use in the rain. Highly recommend!

Cynthia Kraushaar
Passed the test with flying colors!

I took my new Rain Walker SUL umbrella on a backpacking trip in the San Juans in SW Colorado. I am amazed at how light it is. It is very easy to operate. I used it to provide shade from the high altitude sun and I also used it in a serious downpour with hail. This amazing, lightweight umbrella kept me dry while I hiked for 3 miles. I did not need to put on a raincoat and it kept me very dry. I wear prescription glasses so it is great to have an umbrella in wet conditions. This umbrella is now one of my hiking and backpacking essentials. Other people on the trial commented on what a great umbrella this was.

Michael Chrest
Light as a feather!

I used to have trouble with my old umbrella falling over when I tucked it under my sternum strap. The Rain Walker is so light it will stay vertical balanced on the top of my pack. It is significantly lighter than my old fiberglass umbrella. I'm loving using it on my AT thru hike!

Crazy Light

We are all buying this item because of the weight, but when you finally hold it you are shocked by how light it is! In addition to the weight I found my shelf to be very impressed with the construction. There are no mechanical mechanisms for deploying the umbrella, which in my opinion, eliminates a possible failure point. I also received great customer service when this product was lost in the shipping process. They sent me a new umbrella! Definitely purchase the shipping protection! It's so cheap that there is no excuse not too.

I am exciting to finally get this item on the trail!

Kevin Crafts
Just located my package.

I just located my package. I thought it had been lost in the mail but it was placed in my entry room by one of my family members. It came in a poster tube so I did not notice it. I opened it up today and was very impressed with the umbrella. It is extremely light weight, very well made, and performs exceptionally with a high quality smooth operation. I can't wait to bring it along on my sojourn to Mount Kailash with Sadhguru in September! #SaveSoil