49" Ultralight Tent Pole

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If you're a cyclist, paddler, or don't carry trekking poles, you may wish to consider using our ultralight tent poles to support your shelter.

Some shelters require two poles for setup; be sure to review the setup before purchasing. 

Sections: 3-section
Material: Carbon Fiber

Tyvek: Stronger but thicker and heavier than polycro

Polycro: Lighter and less bulky than Tyvek, but much thinner and easier to tear.

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Aluminum vs. Carbon Fiber Tent Poles


Carbon Fiber



3 Section: 1.8 oz - 51 g

5 Section: 2.3 oz - 64 g

3 Section: 3.2 oz - 90 g

5 Section: 3.7 oz - 104 g


3 Section: 49" - 124 cm (Folded 17.5" - 44cm)

5 Section: 49" - 125 cm (Folded 11" - 28 cm)

3 Section: 49" - 124 cm (Folded 17.5" - 44cm)

5 Section: 49" - 125 cm (Folded 11" - 28 cm)


3/8" - 10 mm

3/8" - 10 mm

Recommended Shelters

Lunar Solo. Deschutes, Gatewood Cape

Lunar Solo. Deschutes, Gatewood Cape

Tent Pole Questions

Customer Reviews

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Rick Delin
49" tarp/tent pole

49" 3 PC tarp/tent pole ,,, looks good ,we'll made ,,, have no chance to use yet but I'm sure will do the job well ..

Darth Bane
Time Will Tell

While I haven't had the chance to use the Six Moons 49' carbon fiber pole yet, I'm already impressed with its build quality and design. The carbon fiber construction promises durability and lightweight performance. Looking forward to putting it to the test and experiencing its full potential in the great outdoors.

Exactly what is needed and no more

I hike with Pacer Poles which have, rather than the typical hand hold, a hand shaped hand hold. This means they don’t work well as tent poles. The extra comfort is worth it for me even though it means I have to carry tent poles. This tent pole is just right for the tent, and extremely light. Just what is needed. It doesn’t allow for height adjustments but if I want to set the tent up very low because of wind or snow, I can use my Pacer Pole if I remove the top section. So carrying this little one is worth it to me.


So handy, light, easy to carry. I bought two sets for tarp shelter lite camping.

Fast shipping. Exactly as described. Great communication.

Chad Maynard
Surprising Strong

I was looking for something that packed down small enough to take with me on a paddleboard. These poles fit the bill perfectly. While I had them pitched with my small tarp a gust of wind came up and created a 7" bow in one of the poles. Surprising it did not snap and rebounded back to its original shape. While I'll be adding additional lines on future outings; these poles were surprising strong.