Allgood’s gift guide by Whitney "Allgood" LaRuffa
It’s the season of celebrating, and this time of year wouldn’t be complete without giving that special hiking partner in your life a gift for them to enjoy out in the boonies.  While it can be hard to buy gear for others without knowing just how light they want to keep their kit, here are a few items we here at Six Moon Designs think will keep a smile on any outdoor user’s face.
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A group of hikers eating chips and salsa
This year I was fortunate enough to get to hike not once but twice in the Land of Enchantment.  In April I hiked 220 miles of the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) along the official route through the Black Range, in 2016 I had taken the Gila River Alternate.  Then this fall I went back down to NM and hiked Brett Tucker’s Northern New Mexico Loop, a 500ish mile loop that starts and ends in Santa Fe, it’s a magical hike. 
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Bike packing for bikepacking by Andrei Turro
I have been bikepacking since 2014 and my trips have been from the Artic Wilderness to the countless Natural Parks and trail networks of Finland, exploring countries like Cuba, Israel, Croatia, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Estonia, Sweden, Norway and Spain. From the top of the mountains to the scorching desert all the way to -30°C winter woodlands.  So, in this little write up and photo drop I will show different ways I have packed different bikes for different adventures. Some small, some large, some close and some far.
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