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Pro-Tip, Easter Themed S'mores by Whitney "Allgood" La Ruffa

Pro-Tip, Easter Themed S'mores by Whitney "Allgood" La Ruffa

Peeps roasting over a lovely bed of coals-photo by Whitney La Ruffa

Besides being avid hikers, paddlers, skiers and all-around outdoor sports junkies here at the Six Moon Designs Headquarters, we are also big fans of car camping and the luxuries that come with it, especially in the early camping of the PNW where rain is more than likely to be part of your trip.  This past weekend our Sales and Marketing manager headed up to the eastern side of Mt Adams for some car camping day hiking, and relaxation.

 As the day turned to evening and the campfire developed a wonderful bed of coals, it was time for a camp favorite S’mores.  Now a traditional S’more is hard to beat most days, but this past weekend a new delicious S’mores was brought to life.


The Easter S’mores is a combination of the following ingredients:

1 Large Graham Cracker, preferably cinnamon

1 Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg

1 Peeps roasted over a fire



  1. Build a campfire and burn down until you have a nice bed of coals. If in an area with fire restrictions, you could also use a canister stove.
  2. Assemble your ingredients for cooking, a long stick or skewer for roasting the Peeps, is required.
  3. Place an un wrapped Reese’s egg on half a graham cracker and set on a warm rock at the fires edge to help warm the chocolate.

Warming the egg on a hot rock ensures easy eating once the Peep is roasted-photo by Whitney La Ruffa

4.  Roast your Peep over the coals, taking care to turn it often to ensure even roasting and also to avoid burning the sugar coating of the peeps

Constant turning and not rushing the roasting process will ensure a perfectly toasted Peeps for your S'mores-Photo by Whitney La Ruffa

5.  Once the peeps are done roasting, carefully slide it off the stick onto to the top of the Reese’s Egg, cover with the other half of the graham cracker and enjoy…..

Pure enjoyment-Photo by Whitney La Ruffa

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