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Dealer Spotlight

Dealer Spotlight

Dealer Spotlight- 

After years of hiking under a heavy pack from Europe to North America, Henrik Raßmann discovered the joys of ultra-light hiking after being introduced to books by Ray Jardine that many regard as the bible of ultra-light hiking.  After years of working on going lighter and enjoying his trips more, Henrik decided he wanted to share his philosophy and access to ultra-light gear with his fellow German’s and Europeans.

In 2009 the idea for the was born, Henrik envisioned a way to be able to provide the same great UL gear to European user, without them having to order from halfway around the world, pay high shipping and duty rates, and have to wait weeks to see their new gear.  In 2010 the all e-commerce site was launched, and its focus was on small UL brands generally only found in the US.

With a focus on gear that is lightweight or ultra-light, affordable and also affordable to be able to withstand the stress and traveling long distances has changed the entire market for UL gear in Germany and Europe.  Sharing the same values as Six Moon Designs in regard to affordable gear that is high quality and can withstand long-term use Trekking Lite store has been one of our companies outstanding long-term dealers.

Henrik has not only built up a great e-store with a wide variety of gear choices, but he has also helped build a team of like-minded individuals who are now helping others learn the ways of going lighter and experience the world at human speed.  If you’re in Europe and on the hunt for lightweight gear, give a look for all your needs.

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