Why You Should Consider Using a Sleeping Bag Liner

So you’ve heard a lot of hype about getting a sleeping bag liner.

But, they can be expensive and they add extra weight to your pack.

Is it worth it?

As a seasoned thru-hiker, I say yes!  In this post, I’ll start with what a sleeping bag liner is and explain the various types of liners.  Then, I will break down WHY I always carry a sleeping bag liner and how it has helped me stay warm and cool (yes, both).  And finally, I’ll recommend a few sleeping bag liners as well as how I made my own.

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A hiker sitting on an open air outhouse in hart mountain wildlife area
A wise hiker once said: “The reality of backpacking is that you will most likely not get bit by a rattlesnake, eaten by a bear, attacked by a mountain lion, or harassed by sasquatch, but I guarantee after you have...
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Hawkeye Johnson Pro Tips
Hawkeye's 15 Pro Tips & Suggestions 1. Start off slow then taper off. It takes a while to adjust.2. Listen to your body. Hike your own pace and don't try to keep up with others. Make pre-arranged lunch and dinner...
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