Swift V Hiking Backpack
Swift V Hiking Backpack
Swift V Hiking Backpack
Swift V Hiking Backpack
Swift V Hiking Backpack
Swift V Hiking Backpack
Swift V Hiking Backpack
Swift V Hiking Backpack
Swift V Hiking Backpack
Swift V Hiking Backpack
Swift V Hiking Backpack
Swift V Hiking Backpack
Swift V Hiking Backpack
Swift V Hiking Backpack
Swift V Hiking Backpack
Swift V Hiking Backpack

Swift V Hiking Backpack

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An ultralight affordable backpack perfect for a thru-hike or weekend in the woods.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Best value for weight and quality

"The swift V pack is so light and the vest harness is so comfortble. It makes hiking and camping enjoyable again. No more sore shoulders and hips. Hip belt is comfortable and pockets are a decent size. This one ticked all my boxes with only slight compromises. Perfect." - Michael

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Flight Vest and Shoulder Harness

Strap Length


Recommended Size

Small Flight Shoulder Harness

15" - 38 cm
5.7 oz | 161 g
Best fits someone 5'7" or shorter and/or someone who has a torso length of 14 - 17".

Large Flight Shoulder Harness

18" - 46 cm
6.1 oz | 172 g
Best fits someone 5'8" or taller and/or someone who has a torso length of 18 - 22".

Small S-Curve* Flight Shoulder Harness

15" - 38 cm
5.7 oz | 161 g
Best fits someone 5'7" or shorter and/or someone who has a torso length of 14 - 17".

Large S-Curve* Flight Shoulder Harness

19" - 48 cm
6.3 oz | 179 g
Best fits someone 5'8" or taller and/or someone who has a torso length of 18 - 22".

Small Flight Vest Harness

19" - 48 cm
7.5 oz | 212 g
Best fits someone 5'7" or shorter and/or someone who has a torso length of 14 - 17".

Large Flight Vest Harness

22" - 56 cm
8.5 oz | 242 g
Best fits someone 5'8" or taller and/or someone who has a torso length of 18 - 22".

*The S-Curve shoulder harness is shaped to curve towards the neck and outwards around the chest to accommodate those who want more comfort in the chest area.

Flight Hip Belt Measurements

Padded Length


Recommended Size

Small Flight Hip Belt

24" - 65 cm
6.1 oz | 173 g
26" - 29"

Medium Flight Hip Belt

28" - 76 cm
6.7 oz | 188 g
30" - 35"

Large Flight Hip Belt

34" - 86 cm
7.2 oz | 204 g
36" - 50"

*If you find that you are between size measurements, we recommend going with the smaller size so that you have room for adjusting the hip belt with out zeroing out the padded section. If you are still unsure, please contact us by emailing store@sixmoondesigns.com. Please include your overall height, torso length, and weight.

November 2022
Pack Updates

Interior pockets are now deeper allowing for a secure place for your passport, wallet etc…

All the stretch pockets have been upgraded to ultra-stretch

The pack now has 2 additional side straps so you can attach and secure the roll top either up top or on the side.

Six Moon Designs Logo and Pack name are now on a small woven label, and no longer silk screened to the woven stretch pockets

35.96 oz - 1019 g Hiking Backpack

The Swift V is streamlined and efficient, just like the Swift X, but with a more budget-friendly price.

The Swift V is modeled after the popular Swift X. Over 10 years ago, we designed the Swift. Ten years later, we’ve added some modern upgrades to create the Swift X. And now we introduce the Swift V for the budget-minded hiker. The modular design means it easily configures to become your perfect pack for any adventure, be it a quick overnight trip or a calendar year triple crown.

Size Guide


Modeled after the Swift X, the Swift V uses the same design but is constructed out of the more cost-effective Robic™ nylon fabric.

The Swift V still has all the features and benefits so many hikers love in the Swift X. It provides ultimate functionality in a simple design. It has a single 41L roll-top main compartment with a 10L extension collar for those resupply days. A Y-strap secures the load top and provides a convenient and easy attachment point for a bear barrel.

Swift V Backpack
Pack Organization

Intentionally designed, the Swift V gives you easy access to snacks, your phone, maps, and all those little things you need to keep close at hand. You’ll find you won’t even have the need to take the pack off until you hit camp at the end of the day.

The Swift V uses Six Moon Designs’ Fast and Light suspension system, allowing you to carry heavy loads with ease. That means you can crush those high mileage days in comfort.

The side water bottle pockets are made from 4-way stretch woven mesh. They are designed so that you can grab items easily while on the go.

Inside the main compartment, there is a zippered pocket for your wallet to keep it safe and secure and easy to access at the first sign of a burger joint.

With the Swift V, you don’t have to sacrifice quality and intentional design just because you’re on a budget.


The Swift V comes in a variety of configurations, so you can get the perfect fit for your body, and you can configure it for a variety of adventures. You can choose from a standard shoulder yoke or flight vest yoke. Each comes in 2 sizes.

The Swift V also comes with a removable hip belt available in 3 sizes.

Between the adjustable torso length, removable hip belt, harness options, and removable Delrin Hoop Stay, the Swift V can be dialed in to your exact preferences. Each configuration ultimately changes the weight of the pack.

Swift V Backpack


Frame Configuration

By default, The Swift V comes with a Delrin Hoop Stay frame. Unlike many packs utilizing a similar stay, we bend our stay so that the bottom terminates at the base of your hip belt. This transfers the weight directly to your hip belt.

Other packs terminate the stay at the outer edges of the pack. Unfortunately, this significantly reduces the load transfer from the pack to the hip belt. It leads to the pack sagging as the pack load is not properly supported.

Using the Hoop Stay and Hip Belt increases your load carrying capacity by approximately 10 lbs / 4.5 kto30+ lbs. / 14 k. While you can carry additional weight, we still recommend a base weight of 12 lbs. / 5.5 k or less.

Frameless Configuration

While there are many Frame-less packs on the market these days. There are none with an Adjustable Torso LengthThe Swift V allows you to adjust the torso length to adjust to both your body and the conditions you may encounter. There are times, depending on your load and trail conditions, when you may raise or lower your pack for optimal comfort.

When configured as Frame-less, you'll want to keep your base pack weight around 8 lbs. / 3.5 k and maximum weight below 25 lbs / 11 k. Comfortable weight depends significantly on the type of load carried and your conditioning.

Harness Options

Flight Shoulder Harness

Flight Shoulder Harness

Traditional backpack shoulder straps

Two 4-Way Stretch Pockets that hold 500ml soft bottles

Sliding sternum strap

Covers less torso area

Weighs ~2 oz less than vest harness

Flight Vest Harness

Flight Vest Harness

Six points of suspension between the pack and user

Eliminates sway or bounce when walking or running

Transfers some of the load to your core

Helps to eliminate sores on your shoulders and hips

Helps to reduce back pain after long days on trail

Provides extra storage pockets and quick-access options

Flight S-Curve Harness

Flight S-Curve Harness

Designed to accommodate people with narrow shoulders that have a larger chest area

Two 4-Way Stretch Pockets that hold 500ml soft bottles

Sliding sternum strap

Avoids covering chest for more comfort

Weighs ~2oz less than Flight Vest Harness


• Adjustable Torso Length
• Three Shoulder strap Style options
(Shoulder Harness, S-Curve or Vest Harness)
Three Exterior Woven Pockets so you only have to unload your pack when its time to set up camp.
• Rear Pocket
• Two Side Pockets
• Breathable and Durable 4-way Stretch Material
• Large Shoulder Strap Pockets
to keep things close at hand
• Removable Hip Belt
• Minimal Contact Back Panel

• Top Loading with Dry Bag Closure
• Internal Zippered Stash Pocket for your wallet and other small necessities
• Multiple Point Cord Compression System to keep your load stabilized no matter the size
• Single Ice Axe or Trekking pole attachment point
• Two layers of material in key point to strengthen the pack and prevent holes.
• Dual Hydration Ports
• Removable Hydration Bladder
• Sliding Sternum Straps on Vest and Shoulder Harness
• Delrin Hoop Stay for added support on those heavy load days.



Torso Sizes

Maximum Load
Minimum Load

Flight Series
16" - 22" | 38 - 56 cm

11"W X 7"D X 22"T
Gray, Green

35 lb - 14 kg
15 lb - 5.5 kg or less
Lightweight Backpacking
Long Distance Backpacking


Pack Body

Body Contact
Robic Nylon

3D Mesh
Challenge Sailcloth Ultra Stretch


Extension Collar
Exterior Pockets

Total Volume
2502 ci - 41 L
610 - 10 L
305 - 5 L

3417 ci - 56 L


Delrin Stay
Shoulder Strap
Hip Belt

Total Weight
18.38 oz - 521 g
3 oz - 85 g
8 oz - 229 g
6.5 oz - 184 g

35.9 oz - 1019 g


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Published: 02/06/2020

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Gear Reviews


Adventure Alan: Best Backpack with Vest Harness

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Tom West
Great so far

I've only worn the pack for 2 weeks now while training locally in Florida for the PCT this year. I've worn it with ~16 lbs of gear in it and wow is it comfortable and it distributes the weight very well. Once I've put some more miles on the pack I'll probably make a YouTube video review about it.

Charles Deon
Super Customizable

This pack is comfortable and easy to pack, but where it really stands out is how customizable it is. It helped a lot that you could adjust the yoke. The hip belt has two adjustable straps, so you can get it to sit just right. Even the chest straps can be moved up and down. With all this, there’s a high chance you can make it super comfortable for your frame. The compartments that are available are also handy and not excessive.

Sara O
Quick and timely

Ordered a the Swift V with two harness options. It arrived quickly and with very good instructions with how to adjust torso length of the pack itself and hip belt. Thank you.

Move over hubby, I have a new love

Love it..... seriously love it. After reading all the reviews on the flight vest option I felt this would be ideal for myself after years of military service, being a smaller female, improperly fitted rucksacks over the years while serving put stress on my shoulders, especially my trap area causing painful swelling. After receiving my pack I will never go back to anything else, the way it keeps my load firmly to my body with no movement or pressure on that sensitive area is a dream...thank you! thank you! thank you!

Dan C.
Most comfortable pack EVER!!!!

This pack is by far the most comfortable backpack I have ever owned or used ever. I am 49 years old, 5’11’, 240 pounds and broad shoulders. I was concerned that the flight vest may not fit due to my width but it adjusts so well that it fits perfect. It feels more like it is supporting my back without limiting movement rather than a typical pack where you feel weight on your hips or shoulders. I bought it specifically because of my fused lower back and troubles I had been having with my other (name brand) packs. I saw many reviews of people with back issues liking SMD flight vest equipped packs. I emailed SMD a few times and they answered all the questions I had. Super nice people to deal with and very helpful in making my decision. I only wish I had gotten a Six Moon Designs pack previously. I could have experienced a lot less pain years ago. Lol
Love the pack, the simplicity and function. It’s also very light and cost effective which made the decision even easier.