Seam Sealing Service - Tent

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Seam Sealing Service charge for Tents and Two person tarps:

Lunar Solo, Skyscape Trekker, Lunar Duo Explorer, Haven Tarp

Many of the shelters made by Six Moon Designs require an after-production sealant to be applied to all the sewn seams that would be vulnerable to precipitation. This not only creates a watertight bond between the pieces of fabric and fills the tiny holes created by the sewing machine, but also adds strength to the seams. This process is required to make the shelters completely waterproof.

Shelters can be sealed by the customer or our in-house seam sealing service can be added at check out. See below for further details.

Seam Sealing Service

We understand space, time and comfort can be limiting factors which is why we offer an in-house seam sealing service.

A few things to note:

  • The seam sealing service can increase processing time. Orders requiring the seam sealing service could be delayed by up to two weeks depending on seam sealed shelter order volume. Please inquire for current lead times.
  • The sealant is applied mostly to the outside of the shelter and though dries clear, may be slightly visible.
  • The seam sealing service is not available for polyurethane coated shelters (Skyscape Scout, Lunar Duo Outfitter)
  • Shelters made with Dyneema do not require the seam sealing service.


Any shelter sealed in-house is guaranteed to be effectively sealed and waterproof. If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of the seam sealing service, we can offer to refund the cost of the service and exchange the shelter for an unsealed one.  

Self Seam Seal

Six Moon Designs always encourages customers to seam seal their own shelters in order to more intimately understand the setup and seams of their shelter. We offer for sale two pre-made seam sealing products. The appropriate product for each shelter is listed below.

Lunar Duo Explorer, Haven Tarp, Gatewood Cape, Lunar Solo, Deschutes Plus, Deschutes, Skyscape Trekker

Lunar Duo Outfitter, Skyscape Scout


It is also possible to make your own seam sealer by mixing the following recommended ingredients 1:1 by weight:

  • GE 100% Silicone Caulk
  • Mineral Spirits

Mix vigorously until a smooth and the consistency of a thick cooking oil.
Apply using a small squeeze bottle or small brush (3/4” foam brush works well)

In stock, ships within 1 business day*

Pickup available at 8250 Southwest Nimbus Avenue

Usually ready in 24 hours

Six Moon Designs Seam Sealer being applied to a tent.

Seam Sealing Service - Tent

8250 Southwest Nimbus Avenue

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

8250 Southwest Nimbus Avenue
Beaverton OR 97008
United States


Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews

Six moons sealed my tent for a fee. It’s a good deal and saves you the hassle of having to do it yourself.

Adam Robertson
So far so good

I have set this tent up 2 times in my front yard, the first time was to check it out and inspect it since it was brand new. Set up was very easy since I have seen videos on it several times. I paid extra for the seam seal and they done a good job on it, Zippers worked perfect, everything is perfect. The second time I set it up was also in the front yard. I wanted to put my sleeping gear in it and see how much room I would have, I will say I wasnt disapointed, I have a 25 inch wide air mattress that fit perfect, I was also able to fit my backpack in the tent with me. I was able to fold, roll and pack everything up in my backpack while in the tent as if it was raining outside. By the way I am 6 foot tall, Im not saying it was easy to do but if you take your time it can be done. So far I am very pleased with this tent and super excited to take it out in the woods.

Scott Thomasson
Seam sealer service

Haven’t had time yet to test the sealing In rainy conditions but I trust SMD to do it right so I’m happy with my new Lunar Solo can’t wait to test it out! Great Company

Trishel Johnson
Takes way longer than two minutes to set up

Excellent customer service and fast shipping.
I just took this tent out for a four night backpacking trial run. It has the features listed in the ad. But it took me way longer than two minutes to pitch it (yes I did practice at home before taking it out). The canopy plus the net tent actually need eight stakes not six to fully set up. There are eight lines to stake and that takes way longer than two minutes. Also I had to get down on my knees multiple times to attach the net tent to the canopy around the corners of the tent and this was tiring and slow. The tent also takes up more space due to the lines, but it is very spacious inside and I loved the roominess. I think set up would be much faster with two people. I used it alone.

poor quality work is acceptable to six moon designs!

Seam service on tent was excellent on most of this tent but several areas were not applied well and possible stored wet. When questioned, Six Moons says this is typical for their hand applied service and I should accept it. They need to look at the other 90% of the tent seamed well and extend that quality to the entire tent.