Leki Micro Vario COR-TEC TA

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10.2 oz - 288 g Trekking Poles

LEKI expands its popular Micro folding pole construction with our best selling Aergon COR-TEC grips at a very attractive price point for this technology. The push-button release mechanism allows for quick, easy assembly and knock-down to just 15.5". The TÜV-certified Speed​​Lock Plus provides a secure 20cm adjustment range. Includes travel/stow bag.

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    • FOLDING POLES: Lightweight with the smallest pack size. Ideal poles for climbing, trail running, small tours or to take along on the road.
    • AERGON: Edgeless and ultralight Aergon CorTec grip for a comfortable fit in every hand.
    • LOCK SECURITY STRAP - SKIN: The LEKI Skin Strap is an ultra-lightweight, highly breathable strap offering maximum comfort with minimum weight.
    • Speed Lock +: Extremely fast adjustment of the pole length. 35% lighter, 27% smaller and same holding force as SL1
    • Aluminum HTS: Super stable, extremely robust and very durable.
    • TREKKING BASKET 2.0: Compatible with every Flextip Effective protection against sinking in.
    • FLEX TIP SHORT: More precise pole use and perfect grip in nearly all terrains.
    • Unisex
    • Adjustable
    • Folding | PB Adjustable
    • Aergon Grip
    • Lock Security Strap (Soft)
    • Segments: 5-pieces
    • Shaft Diameters: 18|16|14|14|14 mm
    • Shaft Material: Aluminium (HTS 6.5)
    • Locking System: Speed Lock +
    • Basket: Trekking (Trekking 2.0)
    • Tip: Flex Tip (Short)
    • Length/Size: 110 - 130 cm (43 - 51") Infinitely adjustable
    • 288 g / per pole
    • Pack Size: 38 cm