Flight S-Curve Shoulder Harness

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The Flight S-Curve Shoulder harness is our most updated Shoulder Harness for our Flight Series. The Flight Shoulder Harness is offered in two sizes: Small or Large.

  Flight S-Curve Shoulder Harness

Small S-Curve

Large S-Curve
Strap Padding Length* 15" 19"


5.7 oz - 161g
6.3 oz - 179 g"

Recommended Torso Length

14" - 18"  19" - 22"

 *Does not include webbing strap. 

Size Guide


  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • Two 4-Way Stretch Pockets that can hold 500ml soft bottles


Shoulder Straps or Vest Harness?

By: Six Moon Designs
Published: 02/06/2020

Pickup currently unavailable at 8250 Southwest Nimbus Avenue

Flight S-Curve Shoulder Harness

Flight S-Curve Shoulder Harness

Large S-Curve Flight Shoulder Harness

8250 Southwest Nimbus Avenue

Pickup currently unavailable

8250 Southwest Nimbus Avenue
Beaverton OR 97008
United States


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Comfort on my shoulder

I love the S-curve harness and it felt more comfortable than my previous backpack. The harness is not thin and it has good padding on my shoulder.

Lee Heckman
Very comfortable!

I switched from a vest harness to this S strap. For me it was a huge improvement and the pack (Swift) is much more comfortable now. I am skinny and kind of barrel chested (male) and these work superbly for me. It was super easy to swap out the shoulder straps - thank you Six Moon for giving us the option! For me these carry the weight at the front of the shoulder and are very comfortable - with this setup my pack is now the best fitting I have had. The quality is great. My only complaint is that I feel that the pockets are a bit small - if the pockets were bigger I would have given a five star review. I tried soft bottles but I can't get them in or out easily (or at all), or it flops out (1L Vesica, even half full and collapsed). A 500 or 590 ml hard plastic bottle does fit (the 590 can be difficult to get back in especially with gloves on), but for me the pockets aren't ideal (but close!) - when the bottle is close to empty it kind of pooches its way upward while hiking, and an empty bottle I have to keep shoving back down every few minutes (I hike with poles but not sure if that is causing this). The pockets are awesome for stuff like small food items, and do work for liquid - maybe I just haven't found the right container yet. Even though I think they are a bit small, I much prefer these pockets to the add-ons that I had to have on my other packs - thank you Six Moon for making shoulder straps with pockets built in! I can't comfortably grab bottles from the side pockets so I like having drink available on the shoulder strap. The comfort of these is what I really love.