Designed to work with trekking poles, every SMD ultralight shelter is made with innovative fabrics to ensure your pack stays light and you stay comfortable no matter where you call home for the night.


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Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo in Green Showing awardsSix Moon Designs Lunar Solo in Gray Showing awards
Lunar Solo Backpacking Tent
Sale price$260.00
skyscape trekker backpacking tentSkyscape Trekker Backpacking Tent
Skyscape Trekker Backpacking Tent
Sale price$275.00
Skyscape Scout Ultralight 1 Person Tent with doors closed - sideSkyscape Scout Ultralight 1 Person Tent with doors closed - front corner
Skyscape Scout Hiking Tent
Sale price$160.00
Owyhee Backpacking TarpOwyhee Backpacking Tarp
Owyhee Backpacking Tarp
Sale price$310.00
Sold out
Lunar Duo Explorer Backpacking TentLunar Duo Explorer Backpacking Tent
Lunar Duo Explorer Backpacking Tent
Sale price$395.00
Lunar Duo Outfitter 2 Person Ultralight Tent with doors closedLunar Duo Outfitter 2 Person Ultralight Tent with one door open
Lunar Duo Outfitter Hiking Tent
Sale price$210.00
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gatewood cape bundlegatewood cape bundle
Gatewood Cape Bundle
Sale price$275.00 Regular price$305.00
Gray Gatewood Cape Ultralight Tarp Shelter with doors closedGreen Gatewood Cape Ultralight Tarp shelter with door closed
Gatewood Cape
Sale priceFrom $155.00
Deschutes Ultralight Tarp With Door ClosedDeschutes Ultralight Tarp With Door Open
Deschutes Ultralight Backpacking Tarp
Sale priceFrom $190.00
Haven Ultralight TentHaven Ultralight Tent
Haven Ultralight Tent
Sale price$375.00
No ReturnsOn sale
Lunar Duo Explorer (Closeout)Lunar Duo Explorer (Closeout)
Lunar Duo Explorer (Closeout)
Sale priceFrom $225.00 Regular price$395.00