Flight Vest Harness

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The Flight Vest Harness is our most updated Vest Harness for our Flight Series packs. The Flight Vest Harness is offered in two sizes: Small or Large.

Size Guide

  Flight Vest Harness
  Small Large
Strap Length* 19" 22"
Weight 7.5 oz -212 g 8.5 oz - 242 g

 *Does not include webbing strap. 


  • Adjustable sternum straps with a new system
  • Upgraded Ultra Stretch fabric by Challenge fabric for the pockets - new
  • Two 4-Way Ultra Stretch Pockets that can hold 500ml soft bottles
  • Two 4-Way Ultra Stretch Stash Pockets 
  • 2 Mesh Pockets
  • 2 Zipper Pockets
  • Elastic Webbing for Hydration Hose


✓ Six points of suspension between the pack and user

✓ Eliminates sway or bounce when walking or running

✓ Transfers some of the load to your core

✓ Helps to eliminate sores on your shoulders and hips

✓ Helps to reduce back pain after long days on the trail

✓ Provides extra storage pockets and quick-access options


Shoulder Straps or Vest Harness?

By: Six Moon Designs
Published: 02/06/2020


Years ago when Ron Moak founded Six Moon Designs, his first pack incorporated a Vest Harness, he didn't design it so he could run or hike faster. It was designed to allow him to hike comfortably without a lot of pain. A bout of Cancer had made it difficult to hike more than a couple of hours at a time before stopping due to back pain.

Incorporating the Vest Harness in the pack provides significant additional support for the back and spine. By spreading the weight, he was able to walk more upright and longer distances without pain.

If you've found yourself unable to backpack as easily and as long as you once did, you may want to seriously consider the Vest Harness. We make no claims that the Vest Harness is a miracle cure, just that it helped Ron get back to really enjoying backpacking again.

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Flight Vest Harness

Flight Vest Harness

Small Flight Vest

8250 Southwest Nimbus Avenue

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Really wanted to love it

but they were just way too large. It says it fits a torso length of 14" at the smallest for a size small, but my torso length is 15.5" and there was still almost 2" of slack on the top of my shoulders at the shortest position on the pack. In this vests defense, I have the same issue with every other backpack I have ever tried (the straps are just too long/large) and I have no idea why. The S curve harness fit a little better size-wise, but I still ended up with about 1" slack at the top of my shoulders. I am 5'5", 32" chest, so pretty normal sized.

My only other complaint is that the straps across the front can't fully tighten for any of the harnesses. Everything else seems high quality and very light! I would love to try them out again if they end up making an XS.

Lee Heckman
Almost loved it

I really wanted to love this vest, it's the reason I got a Six Moon pack. I liked it at first - it does spread weight around well. The negative issue I had is that the stiff fabric sewn around the perimeter of the vest, combined with the thin padding, started to dig into my torso. I ended up swapping it out for a different option (bonus on the modular design and that it's possible to switch to a different shoulder strap!). So far the S strap has been way more comfortable and I'll try the J strap and see which of those I like better. I do like the body of the pack (Swift), it carries a lot of gear and has been a great backpack. But I just don't like the way the vest fits - it feels tight, and digs in and chafes in a way that the S strap does not (S strap has thicker padding and no rim of stiff fabric around the perimeter). I found that I was fiddling with the adjustment straps a lot trying to get the vest to sit comfortably, but wasn't able to in the end. I also found all the pockets on this vest to be overkill, I really only used the main pockets for a water bottle on one side, and a phone and snacks on the other (worked great for that!! Thank you for putting pockets on the shoulder straps!). I'm skinny but have kind of a barrel chest, and I have plates and screws in my collarbone, so for me the vest didn't work out. I will say the quality is top notch, and I got a bunch of miles on mine and durability is great. The additional small pockets on here could be useful to the right person.

Mason Loomis
Feels like a hug!

The flight vest is so supportive and comfortable! Cannot recommend this product enough. The install could me a little tricky to figure out, but other than that super happy with this product.

Michael Henry
Not great for larger chested or barrel chested individuals.

Ordered the flight vest along with the other two straps to see which was best. This was before I ran across the youtube video to see which was best for my body type.

The quality is great, and adding/removing the flight vest from the pack was a simple task that took me about 5-ish minutes.

That said the flight vest did not work well for my larger frame and barrel chest. Wish the website/online store better explained which straps are better for which body type.

It ends up the S-Curve, inspite of the description "Designed to accommodate people with narrow shoulders that have a larger chest area" -- I am 6'1" with more broad shoulders than many of the people I know - but also have a barrel chest.

Removing one star because I had to go through the trial and error of buying multiple straps to figure out which was best for my body type.

alan york

Truly the best back pack vest I have ever purchased!!!
Love the way the vest spreads out the load.Thanks for another cool product!!