The Lightest Tread: Hiking in Context with Amiththan Sebarajah

The Lightest Tread: Hiking in Context with Amiththan Sebarajah

SMD ambassador Amiththan Sebarajah recently sat down with Paul from The Lightest Tread podcast. 


"Paul chats to long-distance hiker and 'recovering academic' Amiththan Sebarajah to gain his perspective on thru-hiking and discuss how he frames that perspective against the complex and nuanced backdrop of his life experience as a first-generation immigrant and person of color. As a boy, Amiththan survived the civil war in Sri Lanka before moving to Canada with his family. His life has followed many varied paths including academia, advocacy, and activism, but the paths he has the most passion for are those he can follow across continents, one step at a time. Amiththan has thru-hiked many of the world’s most famous long-distance trails and offers a nuanced and considered perspective on what it is to thru-hike in the Social-political context of the modern world."


Click here to listen to the podcast or watch the video below.


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