5 Tips for Surviving A Thru Hike (and beyond) as a Couple

So you want to thru hike with your partner as a couple, but you’re unsure if that is too much together time. 

What if you need personal time?

Or, what do you do if you need to go to the bathroom near your partner?

What happens if you argue?

All these and more are valid questions to consider when attempting a thru hike with your partner. 

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Make Your Adventure a Fundraiser For a Charity
Outdoor adventures provide a unique opportunity to raise money for a charity. You have decided to embark on an adventure already so why not help others too. It’s fairly easy to contact your favorite charity and let them know what you're doing and the intention to raise money for them. SMD Ambassador Hawkeye Johnson talks about ways you can make your next adventure a fundraiser for charity.
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Ultralight Backpacking: A Beginner’s Guide

So, you’re tired of hauling the proverbial kitchen sink out on your back on your summer backpacking trips, as well as of standing on trail either in awe or envy as hikers, some of them much older or looking in lesser shape than you are, pass you by whistling as they walk, a bounce in their step, and carrying packs that make yours look like an overloaded 18-wheeler. Plenty of hikers, whether weekend backpackers or longer trail aficionados, are making the move to lightweight or ultralight gear, and here are a few primers to get you started on your way to happier and healthier hiking.

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