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Pro-Tip, Super Cocoa

Pro-Tip, Super Cocoa

Snowshoeing on Mt Hood

We find ourselves in the throes of winter and even though the temperature has plummeted and the snow is piling up, we still want to get out for some overnights.  One common issue with winter camping is staying warm all night long.  While a good sleep system including a suitable shelter, proper insulation from the ground and warm sleeping bag or quilt will generally do the trick there is one more thing that can really help keep you warm at night… 

Consuming some fat before bed is a great way to put in a slow-burning caloric load to fuel your own internal fire throughout the night.  While most will recommend the standard sources such as nuts, cheese, or other high fatty foods, our personal favorite around the shop is Super Cocoa.

This recipe was shared with our Sales and Marketing Manager when growing up in NH, where he spent numerous nights winter camping is some of the coldest temperatures one could imagine.  He swears that this go-to recipe will not only warm you right before bed but also leave a smile on your face as you sleep warm and peacefully throughout the night.

Super Cocoa


  • 2 packets of instant hot cocoa flavor and Brand of your choice
  • 1 Stick of butter
  • 16 oz boiling hot water

Steps to prepare

Bring a pot of water to a boil, add water into a large insulated mug (no need for a fancy one the old standard plastic mugs from a truck stop work great). 

Add in two instant cocoa packets and stir until dissolved

Add in 1 stick of butter, and stir until it is melted 

Drink said Super Cocoa before bed 

A few tips to help activate the warmth are to do 10-20 jumping jacks until you are on the verge of sweating then as fast as you can jump into your bag, zip up the tent and cover your head with a beanie. 

With the quick blood flow you just started and the warm buttery beverage in your belly you will have one of the warmest and most comfortable nights sleeping in the snow you could imagine.

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