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Pro-Tip, Proper use of Guy Outs

Pro-Tip, Proper use of Guy Outs

Photo by IG user @christosks

One common mistake we often see with our tents is the improper use of the guy outs on the sides of our tents.  Our tents are all designed to be used without the guy outs, and we have even tested most models at winds up to 60mph without using the guy outs and had them perform just fine.

Photo by IG user @christosks

The guy outs are designed for providing additional interior space when needed, by pulling out the canopy further away higher up.   This is very convenient if you are planning to spend more time in camp and would like to have a little extra head space while sitting up in your tent.

To get the best use out of the guy out we recommend the following 

  1. Get 48”-60” of lightweight cord, reflective is great to avoid tripping over it at night
  2. Tie one end of the cord to the guy out using a knot of your choice.
  3. Select a stick or use your other hiking pole (minimum 36” in height) and place it in the ground vertically 6” away from the edge of the tent.
  4. Pull the cord at a slight upward angle away from the tent, and wind it around the pole 2 times (Better yet tie a clove hitch)
  5. Run the cord down at a 45-degree angle and stake it in the ground

When done correctly you tent should look like the photo in this article, giving you more space to sit up when needed.

Photo by IG user @christosks

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