3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Powder Days, by Rory Pedrick

3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Powder Days, by Rory Pedrick



Since up here in Oregon we have been getting a lot of snow up on the mountains late in the season, I have decided to write about how to make the most of your last few trips of the season.  So here are some useful tips to get the most out of your pow days as we head into Spring.

Tip #1, Prepare and pack the night before you go

This first tip is probably the most important, it is the one that will get you out there faster and easier.   As you would expect, the mountains have been crowded lately so one way to get ahead is to pack your gear up a day or so before you head up.  This will help make sure you don’t forget anything and it will help you get an early start for some first tracks.  You will want to make sure you have all the essentials packed up, like good waterproof mittens, a balaclava or neck gaiter, goggles, and a helmet and you should make sure to dress in layers.  Also, don’t forget to pack chapstick and sunscreen.

Tip #2, Bring a Backpack 

Bring a pack! It makes life ten times easier.   But make sure that pack is super waterproof, cause if it’s not all your gear may end up soaked.  A real money saver, is to pack a lunch in your bag.  Food at the lodge can be spendy.  I like to pack instant noodles and my brother likes to bring powdered hot cocoa packets because you can just add hot water (for free) and have a nice warm treat in minutes.  A pack saves you the hassle of having to pay for a locker or even going all the way back to you car just to get something to eat.  One thing to watch out for when you ski with a backpack is getting on and off the lift.  Backpack straps can be really dangerous if they get caught on the chair, so when you get on the chair, wear the pack on your front.

Tip #3 Bring the proper gear for the conditions

Unless it is over 40 degrees out, you should stay away from anything in the sweatshirt family, even though the baggy sweatshirt can be a particularly rad look out on the mountain, you will likely just end up getting a ton of snow up your shirt and you will be crazy cold and wet by the end of the day.  Stick to waterproof shells and ski pants that will keep you comfy and dry up there. 

Last but not least, go forth and shred, and enjoy your time up there.  I hope this was helpful and thanks for reading.


About the Author
Rory is our Next Generation Ambassador, at 10 this kid is extreme.  From Mountain Biking and Skiing to Hiking and Surfing this go-getter is living a great life in the PNW.  When he's not in school learning, you can be sure to find Rory out and about in the Northwest enjoying one his many outdoor pursuits.



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