Six Moon Designs Silver Shadow Carbon Fiber Hiking Umbrella
Six Moon Designs Silver Shadow Carbon Fiber Hiking Umbrella close up of handle
Six Moon Designs Silver Shadow Carbon Fiber Hiking Umbrella. Carbon Fiber Shaft

Silver Shadow Carbon Trekking Umbrella

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6.8 oz - 193 g Trekking Umbrella

Redesigned for 2019 we have expanded the Silver Shadow into a line of umbrellas that offers a variety of options and prices. 

Walking across deserts in the blazing sun or through summer rain showers shouldn't be a misery. The Silver Shadow Series provides a large reflective surface on top to deflect sunlight and a black underside to absorb wandering rays, allowing you to walk cooler and better protected.  Its coating sheds water easily, eliminating the need to wear sweaty rain gear.


The Silver Shadow Carbon is the crown jewel of hiking umbrellas. A sleek, carbon fiber shaft, spreader, and ribs drop the weight of this umbrella to a mere 6.8 oz while maintaining full coverage. Its rigid shaft insures that it won't unexpectedly collapse and its simple construction ensures years of trouble-free use. The simple design with minimal parts keeps it light and durable. There are simply fewer things to break or malfunction.

Wherever you travel, a Silver Shadow should be part of your kit!


  • Weight: 6.8 oz - 193 g
  • Length: 25" - 63.5 cm
  • Open Width: 37" - 94 cm
  • Coverage: 7.5 ft2 or .7 m2
  • Shaft Length: 23.5" - 60cm
  • Carbon Fiber Frame
  • EVA foam handle
  • UPF 50+ Rating

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Dolph Armstrong

I purchased the umbrella to take with me on a hike along the Thames Path in the UK. I depart for England on June 7 and begin the 184 mile walk on June 9. I'll happily report on how it works after I return on June 30 if you will remind me then. I am optimistic that it will work well. It is sturdy yet so light that I thought the package was empty when the umbrella arrived. (Of course my hope is that it remains in my day pack for the entire walk.)

Christopher Naslund
Reduces Heat and Prevents Sunburn!

Bought 2 of these for my girlfriend and I to use while hiking in the blazing summer SoCal sun. Bought this 3rd one for my mom cause she keeps borrowing mine.

Jörg Werner
Most under-appreciated item for a hike in the southwest

During my PCT - Section hike 2012 I already enjoyed the benefits of a hiking umbrella. For comfort nothing comes close in the heat. No sweating under a hat, much better sun protection and the tiny bit of weight is easily saved by the reduced amount of water one needs to carry. Also a very nice accessory for the midday siesta. Wouldn’t want to go without one ever again. In 2012 I had the original „chrome dome“, this one from Six Moon Designs is at least as well built and even lighter. Even if you take the regular (non-carbon-version), this is an excellent choice. Added Benefit: You can hike in most rainy conditions without a rain jacket, thus avoiding wetness due to condensation. Obviously in strong winds you would have to revert to your jacket.

Worth every ounce

I started the PCT in March and this thing was amazing. Hiking in the morning and evening this umbrella kept the sun off me and my watch said it was 6 degrees cooler midday under it. Worth it. Ran into a bunch of trees no issues held up great

Too soon to tell!

Just received a few days ago. Appears to be as described, was able to fasten to pack for hands free hiking. Cannot attest to how well it works while hiking, nor its durability because haven’t used yet.