Minimalist V2 Ultralight Backpack
Minimalist V2 Ultralight Backpack
Minimalist V2 Ultralight Backpack
Minimalist V2 Ultralight Backpack
Minimalist V2 Ultralight Backpack
Minimalist V2 Ultralight Backpack
Minimalist V2 Ultralight Backpack
Minimalist V2 Ultralight Backpack
Minimalist V2 Ultralight Backpack
Minimalist V2 Ultralight Backpack

Minimalist V2 Ultralight Backpack

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35 oz - 1002 g Pack

The Minimalist V2 is redesigned to make simple even more functional.

We heard you. We took the simple, clean design of the Minimalist, and using customer feedback, made it even better. The Minimalist V2 still has the perfect amount of space for all your gear and a lightweight suspension that adds just enough support but now with larger, more secure stash pockets. Even the lettering took on a new modern, subtle look. Thanks for the help making the thru-hikers dream backpack even better.

Size Guide


Despite being called the Minimalist, this pack provides all the comforts of much heavier packs. It comes with a removable Delrin Hoop Stay Frame and hip belt for maximum load days. And because every long-distance hiker is different, it has a lot of configurations to suit your specific comforts and offers a remarkable amount of extra storage space.

The main compartment is 40L with a 9L extension collar. It incorporates a top lid and has two additional large external gusseted pockets as well as a front stasher pocket with a pleated gusset. The top lid can be used to secure larger bear canisters too large to fit in the main compartment.

The exterior pockets add a lot of quick access storage solutions. And all the external pockets have been reconstructed for the V2, featuring larger, more secure designs.

  • Hip belt pockets are cavernous. 
  • Both harness styles offer additional pockets for electronics, snacks, or other necessities.
  • 2 large asymmetric side pockets. The shorter right pocket is great for holding water bottles. The taller left pocket is perfect for carrying an ultralight tarp, tent, or tall hydration bladder. 
  • Large rear shove-it sleeve for quick access to gear and rainwear.

The Minimalist V2 offers several adjustable straps and tensioners to ensure a stable, comfortable fit. The Delrin Hoop Frame is designed to shift load bearing to the hip belt, reducing the strain on your shoulders and upper body.

The Minimalist V2 comes in the standard Robic™ nylon or our new VX21 fabric. VX21 is a robust fabric by Dimension Polyant. It is made using 3 layers of 210 denier fabric making it not only waterproof but very abrasion-resistant. While VX21 is waterproof the packs themselves are not water tight. We recommend using a 50L Pack Liner.



The Minimalist comes with a removable Delrin Hoop Stay Frame. The ends of the hoop rest on the base of the hip belt, transferring the weight to the hip belt. This design feature makes carrying heavy loads more comfortable and reduces pack sag.

Using the Delrin Hoop Stay and hip belt together increases your load carrying capacity by approximately 10 lbs*.

*We recommend a base weight of 12lbs or less even when increasing load weight and using the Delrin Hoop Stay and hip belt.


The Minimalist is the only ultralight, frame-less pack on the market with an adjustable torso length. This allows the Minimalist to provide unbridled comfort.

When configured as frame-less, the highest recommended base weight is 8lbs / 3.5k and maximum weight not exceeding 25lbs / 11k.


Vest Harness

Six Moon Designs’ unique vest harness supports a 6-point connection between the pack and your body. There are several advantages to this system:

1. It fully locks the pack to your body, eliminating sway or bouncing when you walk or run.

2. Instead of all of the weight of the pack resting on your shoulders and hips, the vest harness transfers some of that weight to your core. This reduces and eliminates sores from developing on the shoulders and hips.

3. The vest harness comes with extra pockets, providing additional quick access storage options.

Vest Harness Health Benefits

Because the vest harness spreads the load-bearing to the core, most hikers find it reduces back pain.

Founder Ron Moak discovered this first hand. After a bout with cancer, Moak found that he could only handle a couple of hours of hiking before needing to stop due to severe back pain. A vest harness redistributed the weight he was carrying on his shoulders and hips to his core, allowing him to walk more upright. This additional support allowed him to hike longer distances with less pain.

That’s why the first pack he designed incorporated the vest harness.

If you’ve found yourself unable to backpack as easily and as long as you once did, you may want to seriously consider the vest harness. We make no claims that the vest harness is a miracle cure, but it did help Moak get back to really enjoying backpacking again. And we hope it might help you, too.

Standard Shoulder Straps

There are several reasons you might choose a Standard Should Strap Harness:

1. If you’re used to carrying a traditional backpacking pack and aren’t from the running world, you will probably be comfortable with standard shoulder straps.

2. If you are a full-chested woman or broad-chested man, you might find the vest harness constricting. In this case, the S-Curve shoulder straps could provide a better hiking experience.

3. The standard shoulder straps are easier to slip out of if you want to take an extended break without the weight of your pack.


  • Adjustable Torso Length because one size does not fit all
  • Three Shoulder strap Style options - Shoulder Harness, S-Curve or Vest Harness
  • Five Exterior Pockets so you only have to unload your pack when its time to set up camp.
    • Rear Pocket
    • Short Side Pocket
    • Tall Side Pocket
    • Stretchy Top Lid pocket (narrower on the V2 to help keep things more secure
    • Zippered Top Lid pocket
  • Large Shoulder Strap Pockets to keep things close at hand
  • Removable Hip Belt
  • Minimal Contact Back Panel
  • Top Loading with Dry Bag Closure
  • Interior Zippered Stash Pocket for your wallet and other small necessities.
  • Two layers of material in key point to strengthen the pack and prevent holes.
  • Multiple Point Cord Compression System to keep your load stabilized no matter the size.
  • Ice Axe/Trekking pole attachment points
  • Dual Hydration Ports
  • Sliding Sternum Straps on vest and shoulder harness types
  • Delrin Hoop Stay for added support on those heavy load days.



Torso Sizes
Maximum Load
Base Weight
Delrin Hoop
16" - 22" | 38 - 56 cm
11"W X 7"D X 22"T
Gray, Green, Red or Blue
35 lb - 15.88 kg
15 lb - 5.5 kg


Pack Body

Body Contact
Side Panels

Nylon Robictm
or X-Pac VX21
3D Mesh
Nylon Robictm
or X-Pac VX21
4-Way Stretch


Extension Collar
Exterior Pockets

Total Volume
2441 ci - 40 L
550 ci - 9 L
610 ci - 10 L

3600 ci - 59 L


Robic Body
VX21 Boxy
Delrin Stay
Shoulder Strap
Hip Belt

Robic Weight
VX21 Weight
23 oz - 671 g
28.5 oz - 807g
3 oz - 85 g
5.7 oz - 161 g
6.5 oz - 184 g

35 oz - 992 g
40.7 oz - 1153 g

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jerry C
Better than the original!

I bought the original Minimalist a couple years ago and loved that pack. I couldn’t think of any better pack, then Six Moon comes and surprises us!! The upgrades and revisions really makes this an amazing pack!! The old one has now became my day pack and I couldn’t be happier!!

Shane E
Exciting! My Kind of Design

Have not used on an outing yet but have been packing it and even wore uphill hiking on treadmill with some gear. As an ultra runner I am fond of vest style chest straps. I like having things up front. I’m just used to it.
Very comfortable so far. Just need to add bear canister to see how that goes- BV500.
Please make a rain cover for it. Ohh, and I bought the Skyscape Trekker tent too.
And this pack is very very affordable!

Simon Götz
Great pack for hiking and snowtouring

Wonderful packdesign, quality of materials and craftmanship. And the vest for the backpack is the best i tested yet:)
Thank you for this great product!

James Little

Have not got to try it on trail. I like what I see so far.

Mark Pagel
Great Backpack

Great backpack. I reviewed and even tested a few lighter, even more minimalist backpacks, but I like this pack the best. As I get older I find that having a hipbelt is helpful, and this pack has a lightweight hipbelt. And I like the vest-style straps. I wish that the pouches on the straps were deeper but I don't use those pouches for water bottles anyway. I was concerned that the puches on the hipbelt would get in the way of my arms but that has not been a problem. With so many small pouches on the front, I have distributed small items to these pouches and I no longer have a small bag of miscellaneous parts in my pack, which is great organization. I still keep my zip-lock bag with a batterypack and cords, and my zip-lock bag-wallet, and zip-lock bag of bandages and other first aid, in the upper flap pouch on the pack. I really like the long pouch on the left side, where I store my tent poles and trekking poles (as I get older, I have needed to use trekking poles), rather than tying poles somewhere on the pack. I removed the water pouch inside the pack. I also removed the yellow tensioning cords on the sides. I may eventually replace them with black cords (yellow looks too bright) although I haven not needed to tension the sides. The back pouch is great for small items and my plastic groundcloth/seatpad, although I like to keep my jacket in my pack rather than in this pouch. The flat bottom is GREAT for keeping the pack upright - a very nice touch. I also got the inner liner bag to keep my bag and clothes dry, and I really like this bag for $20, but a plastic liner would also work OK. So far the only aspect that is not great is having two clasps for the hipbelt and two for the sternum strap rather than just 1. I can understand the need for the dual straps at both locations, but it takes two extra clicks to get into and out of the pack. Finally, as advertised, the pack feels really comfortable with the vest straps, like the pack is hugging my body. There is no weight shift (hence no need for the yellow tension cords on the sides). I don't have back problems and yet as I get older my back appreciates a comfortable pack more than ever. With this pack, I am now at a 14 pound base weight with plans to get to 12, which is a good comfort level for me.