Haven Ultralight Tent

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The Haven Ultralight Tent now includes the Haven Tarp and the Haven NetTent, formerly called the Haven Bundle.

2 Person Double Wall Tent | Best for:

  • Triple Crown Trails
  • Wet or Buggy Conditions
  • Tall Hikers

Color: Gray
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Haven Ultralight Tent

Haven Ultralight Tent


8250 Southwest Nimbus Avenue

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

8250 Southwest Nimbus Avenue
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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Great Tent!

"Perfect compromise between weight and durability. Net tent has room for my partner and I plus our 50lb dog. So easy to set up and stays tight through windy arizona spring nights (40mph gusts). I set it up with the head facing a tree to use the central tie out that provides some extra headroom with the included utility cord. Being able to open both sides is huge. We can set up camp twice as fast and it feels much more spacious because of the double vestibule. Great work six moon!" - Philip


34 OZ - 963 G Two-Person Backpacking Tent

The Haven is an A-frame shaped tent that is designed to provide the maximum amount of protection for minimum weight. Its dual-pole design with 48" (122 cm) wide canopy provides a tremendous amount of headroom. The wide canopy creates nearly vertical sidewalls. This, in turn, translates to more usable space within the tent and less of a chance of brushing up against the side walls. To create a perfect bundle, the Haven comes paired with the Haven NetTent to form a fully enclosed, two-person, double-walled shelter with a bathtub floor. 

*To completely repel water, shelters need to have sealer applied to the seams before use.
*Shelters including a seam sealing service may not ship immediately.
*Stakes and Support Poles Sold Separately


The apex is offset slightly toward the head of the tent. This creates steeper walls at the head raising the canopy further from your face and sets the peak to the more natural position when sitting.

The Haven can be set up using your trekking poles or our optional carbon fiber poles. Dual tabs on either side of the canopy allow the Haven Tent to be hung from a line between two trees, eliminating the need for poles.

The Perfect Bundle

The Haven is designed to be mated with the Haven NetTent. Together they form a luxurious sized double-wall shelter at a mere 34 ounces.

Most tent / NetTent combos on the market today require the NetTent to be set up first, followed by the tent. Typically the poles are placed inside of the NetTent, making them easy to bump into during the middle of the night. This kind of setup makes it impossible to keep your NetTent dry when setting up or taking down your shelter in the rain.

The Haven / NetTent combo is designed so that the NetTent hangs from the tent. This configuration allows the tent to be set up first or taken down last under rainy conditions. Your NetTent will remain dry and safely secure in your pack.


Full 360-degree protection allows this tent to provide enhanced security when compared to a traditional flat tent.

High Vent helps remove excess moisture build-up.

Dual Side Entrymakes entering and exiting easy.

Zipper Vestibule Closure makes opening and closing the vestibule a snap.

Easy Tensioning Adjustment makes keeping the tent taut easy to accomplish from the warmth of your sleeping bag. (Re-tension straps have been added to all tie out points.)

Floating Canopy allows the canopy to be set to different heights.

Floating Floor reduces floor stress and helps to minimize punctures from sharp objects.

Optimized Sleeping Area is oriented to maximize usable space, ventilation, and view. A peak height of 45 inches gives you plenty of headroom.

Dual Pole Support significantly improves headroom and interior space.

Color Coordinated Attachment Points for quick NetTent set-up. 

Canopy NetTent Connectors at Head and Foot

Ultralight Waterproof Canopy is made from high strength 20 denier Silicone Nylon.

Extremely Easy Setupin less than two minutes under any conditions.







Ships With

Tarp, NetTent,Stuff Sacks, Guy lines

Pack Size Tarp

11" x 4.5" | 28 cm x 11 cm

Pack Size NetTent

12" x 4.5" | 30 cm x 11 cm


6(sold separately)


Green, Gray

Weight Tarp

16 oz | 453 g

Weight NetTent

18 oz | 510 g

Weight Total

34 oz | 963 g



20D SilNylon


30D SilNylon


#3 YKK


20D No-See-Um

Hydrostatic Head

3,000 mm



Double Wall Tent


Two 45" | 114 cm Poles (sold separately)


Dual Side Entry

Inner Dimensions

44" x 88" | 111 x 223 cm

Floor Area

27 ft2- 2.5 m2

Vestibule Area

53 ft² | 4.9 m²

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Benjamin Legg
Well designed lightweight backpacking shelter.

I’m reviewing the Haven net tent / tarp bundle that I purchased in 2022. It’s grey sil-nylon, with aluminum poles, 12 Vargo tent stakes, and a Tyvek ground sheet. Seam-sealed myself. Total weight as configured: 1.5 kg.
After two years, I am very happy with the purchase. It’s been a pleasure to use. It’s light enough for solo trips and spacious enough for two. I still favor my flat tarp for solo trips, but the Haven has become my go-to shelter for trips with a partner. (Especially those who don’t appreciate flat tarps).
Its biggest strength is flexibility. I can configure it for shade, rain, wind, ventilation, bugs, vistas, privacy, or weight. On hot days I can pitch the tarp for shade and roll back the doors for a cross-breeze. On bug-free nights I can remove the net. On clear nights I can take off the tarp for beautiful sky views. And if the weather is threatening to change, I can just roll the tarp back halfway.
When you’re inside, it feels more like a comfortable double-wall tent than an open tarp. Ventilation is pretty good if you pitch the tarp well. Rain protection seems solid. In terms of space, it’s luxurious for one and comfortable for two. I’m 5’10”, and the tent is long enough that I rarely bump against the walls. Plenty of head space too. I can sleep alongside my 5'3" hiking partner and a medium-sized dog, as long as we store our gear outside. Two doors make it easy to get in and out without stepping on your friend. The vestibules help keep the interior clean and dry, but I wish they were a little bigger. I’m afraid they will be too small to protect my gear in stormy weather. The sil-nylon floor is slippery, so I use a 1/8" EVA pad under my sleeping pad to reduce sliding, which works well.
Construction and materials seem pretty good. Sil-nylon strikes a balance of performance and price that works for me. The stitching seems decent. The little design details like reflective guy-lines, quick-release door-snaps, color-coded clips, and high-quality line tensioners make the Haven a pleasure to use. However, I would really like to see a beefier zipper on the tarp. It’s already showing signs of fatigue after pretty light use.
Other than the zipper and the vestibules, I would only suggest minor changes. Perhaps a bit more roof ventilation, slightly longer guy lines, and a loop to hang my flashlight. I can fix the latter issues myself.
Being a tarp-tent, the Haven requires more effort to pitch than most dome tents, but it’s still easier to pitch than a flat tarp. Pick your site carefully, because it’s a pain to move. And realize that it requires guy-lines with solid stakes – which can be annoying in crowded campsites or sites with rocky or sandy ground. Once you learn to pitch it well, it should perform beautifully. I like a nice taut pitch, so I typically use twelve stakes: four for the tarp corners, four for the net-tent corners, two for the vestibules, and two for the end-guys. I would trust it in heavy rain, light snow, and strong winds.
In summary, the Haven bundle is a really thoughtfully designed backpacking shelter. It’s super-spacious for one, but makes a great ultralight option for two. I would highly recommend the Haven for people who value flexibility and don’t mind putting some effort into the pitch. I also like supporting a local PNW company - I only wish it were manufactured here too!

Piece of Junk

Problem Nr.1: The cord is utter trash quality. Setting up the tent in rain simply rips the outer layer of the chord making the tent not able to be set up.

Problem Nr.2: The seam of the Net tent just went of and let me destroy the zipper heads. Both of them. Also utter trash.

Problem Nr.3:
I'm laying in this piece of trash at the moment at 02:30AM in the middle of a thunderstrom. It's been raining like hell for the past 3 hours.
Now I have water dripping through the tarp fabrik. (No not the tarp seams. They have been sealed. Not to mention that you have to seal it on your own).

I've been using this tent for 10 days now.

This is worst purchase of my life.

What a piece of shit.
Thank you for ruining my trip.

Anton Maslennikov
I like it less the longer I use it

Here's an honest review from somebody who used this tent for 5+ years over hundreds of miles and dozens of adventures.

Its held up well, waterproofing and all, with only one of the side zippers blowing out. The best feature is the weight, light and easy to stuff into the sacks, with only two poles to worry about. The main issue is how long it takes to setup and breakdown, way longer than two minutes, with a canopy design that makes it difficult to eyeball proper placement during setup (imagine setting up your tent only to realize the canopy is backwards... every other time!). Lack of options for hanging things inside also make it less flexible for long adventures. Over the years this has evolved from 'a gripe' to a 'big deal' for me- no matter now I try to streamline my process, it just takes too long, especially when I'm exhausted from a 20 mile day. Believe me, the extra time really adds up on those long hauls, where you're tearing down and setting up your tent for 7+ days in the backcountry.

Its a good tent, but I'm at the point now that I'll be looking for something that can setup faster and weigh a little bit more.

Trishel Johnson
Takes way longer than two minutes to set up!

I just took this tent out for a four night backpacking trial run. It has the features listed in the ad. But it took me way longer than two minutes to pitch it (yes I did practice at home before taking it out). The canopy plus the net tent actually need eight stakes not six to fully set up. There are eight lines to stake and that takes way longer than two minutes. Also I had to get down on my knees multiple times to attach the net tent to the canopy around the corners of the tent and this was tiring and slow. The tent also takes up more space due to the lines, but it is very spacious inside and I loved the roominess. I think set up would be much faster with two people. I used it alone.

Jordan T
Best PFAS-free tent out there!

Purchased this tent specifically to reduce my exposure to PFAS and flame retardant chemicals - and it's AWESOME. It's super lightweight and packable, easy to set up, looks great, and had zero odor right out of the box, even with the added seam sealing service (which I highly recommend). It's more spacious than I anticipated, which has made it great for both backpacking and car camping. I've owned a lot of tents over the years, including most of the big name brands, but this one might be my favorite. The only one that might give it a run for its money was the Early Winters Starship Tent (anyone remember those???). Very pleased that it's entirely sil-nylon, as opposed to a lot of tents out there that are a mix of sil-nylon and PU. Really great non-toxic piece of gear. My only gripes are that there is a lot of wind noise if the doors are rolled up during windy conditions (I do wish the latches were a little bit more secure) and there is a bit of learning curve to getting it set up if you aren't at least 10% smarter than your gear, which I try to be, but don't always achieve. Other than that, this is an A+++ tent!