Haven  2 Person Ultralight Tarp with doors closed
Haven  2 Person Ultralight Tarp with one door open
Haven  2 Person Ultralight Tarp with both doors open
Haven  2 Person Ultralight Tarp diagram showing size specifications


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18 oz - 510 g Two-Person Tarp

The Haven is a shaped tarp that is designed to provide the maximum amount of protection for minimum weight. Its dual-pole design with 48" (122 cm) wide canopy provides a tremendous amount of headroom. The wide canopy creates nearly vertical sidewalls. This, in turn, translates to more usable space within the tarp and less of a chance of brushing up against the side walls. The Haven can be paired with the Haven NetTent to form a fully enclosed, two-person, double-walled shelter with a bathtub floor. The Haven Bundle can be found here.

*To completely repel water, shelters need to have sealer applied to the seams before use.
*Shelters including a seam sealing service may not ship immediately.


The apex is offset slightly toward the head of the tent. This creates steeper walls at the head raising the canopy further from your face and sets the peak to the more natural position when sitting.

The Haven can be set up using your trekking poles or our optional carbon fiber poles. Dual tabs on either side of the canopy allow the Haven Tarp to be hung from a line between two trees, eliminating the need for poles.

The Haven is designed to be mated with the Haven NetTent. Together they form a luxurious sized double-wall shelter at a mere 32 ounces (.9 k).

Most tarp / NetTent combos on the market today require the NetTent to be set up first, followed by the tarp. Typically the poles are placed inside of the NetTent, making them easy to bump into during the middle of the night. This kind of setup makes it impossible to keep your NetTent dry when setting up or taking down your shelter in the rain.

The Haven / NetTent combo is designed so that the NetTent hangs from the tarp. This configuration allows the tarp to be set up first or taken down last under rainy conditions. Your NetTent will remain dry and safely secure in your pack.


  • Full 360-degree protection allows this tarp to provide enhanced security when compared to a traditional flat tarp.
  • High Vent helps remove excess moisture build up.
  • Zipper Vestibule Closure makes opening and closing the vestibule a snap.
  • Dual Side Entry makes entering and exiting easy.
  • Easy Tension Adjustment makes keeping the tent taut a trivial task that can be accomplished while still in your sleeping bag. Re-tension straps have been added to all tie out points.
  • Floating Canopy allows the canopy to be set to different heights.
  • Optimized Sleeping Area is oriented to maximize usable space, ventilation, and view. A peak height of 45 inches gives you plenty of headroom.
  • Dual Pole Support significantly improves headroom and interior space.
  • Ultra-light Waterproof Canopy is made from high strength 30 denier Silicone Nylon.
  • Color Coordinated Haven NetTent Attachment points for quick set up
  • Canopy Connectors at head and foot for Haven NetTent
  • Extremely Easy Setup in less than two minutes under any conditions.


The Haven Overview

By: Six Moon Designs
Published: 03/24/2020



Seasons: 3
Ships With: 
Tarp, Stuff Sacks, Guy lines
Pack Size: 
12" X 4.5"
18 oz - 500 g
6 (sold separately)


Type: Tarp
Two 45" Poles (sold separately)
Side Entry
53 ft2 - 4.9 m2


Canopy: 20D Silicone Coated Nylon
#3 YKK

1. Weight does not include stakes or pole.

Lost your set-up instructions? Additional instructions can be downloaded here.

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Brian D.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Great for vol bivouac

I used the Haven Tarp and the Haven NetTent for an attempted vol bivouac (paragliding fly and camp) in the alps. It is so easy to set up, light weight (just what is needed for paragliding vol bivouac). I can happily put all of my gear inside with me so that it stays dry if it rains and still have room to spare. Love this tent.

Scott B.
Philadelphia, USA
Durable tent that is so easy to set up.

Works flawlessly with the Haven Tarp! I hav only used this tarp with the Haven NetTent, never by itself. I leave the two connected for easy set up. I can set up the tent in 5 minutes and it's packs packs up even quicker. There are two guy-out points, which I've used but don't think the tent needs them. Even in intense winds the tent stands up strong. Although it can get a bit loud flapping in the wind, but that's to be expected anywhere. I had to seams seal the tarp myself but one tube of the sealant is enough. I rather enjoyed sealing the tarp myself. I can profess that that tent is 100% percent water proof, however the inside surface of the tarp may get get to the touch after a long day of rain. However the tarp dries out quickly in the sun. One thing to watch out for is to ensure you pitch the tent in ground that can take stakes. I had to pitch a few times in very hard ground and the provided states are not overly strong so they bent. When pitching on rocky surfaces you can place large rocks on the straps, which worked in place of the states. I use my lightweight hiking poles (115cm) to set this up but have also been able to use rope and trees to pitch without any poles. The NetTent is durable and very large. The bathtub floor keeps us dry even in the wettest of downpours. Here is a blog posting showing a pictures of us enjoying our tent: https://bit.ly/2RO94aI

Zachary T.
San Antonio, TX
Haven Tarp

I bought this tarp/net tent combo in 2016 to take on the Wind River High Route in Wyoming. My friend and I used this tarp on our 90 mile trek through alpine country in mainly 10-12Kft elevation. We camped in heavy winds, thunderstorms, sleet, snow, and this tarp never let us down. We took this tarp on the trip without even seam sealing the tarp or net tent before hand, and it never leaked. We mitigated high winds by staking the tarp out with extra guylines on the tabs provided and staked the windward side of the tarp lower to the ground than the lee side to allow ventilation without sacrificing heat. Even in snow and sleet, by staking the tarp out to allow enough ventilation, we had minimal condensation with 2 men inside. I have since seam sealed the tarp with silicone caulk mixed with mineral spirits, and painted a few stripes on the bathtub floor with the same mixture to prevent my sleeping pad from slipping around, because the sinylon material is slippery against other nylon materials. I have also used this tarp on other backpacking trips in the Appalacian mountains and in the rain, and it still has not let me down. This tarp has my highest recommendation, and if you take the time to take care of your tarp by seam sealing, allowing it to dry before storage, and learning to set it up correctly, this tarp should be able to handle most 3-season requirements. I have yet to find another tarp setup this light but also so versatile and durable to withstand long term use.

Haven Tarp

I love my Deschutes Cuben tarp but think the Haven is more luxurious with dual doors and larger storage space inside the net for one. The Christmas sale made it easier. I like the CF material and prefer it to Silnylon but this will be Silnylon at 18 ounces, The net is 14 for a total of 2 pounds. Sale price is under $300 for this combo. I am a small guy so this tarp tent is a kings palace for one while the ultralight Deschutes is merely adequate in size. Still, the Deschutes combo is 14 ounces lighter. I will soon see if the trade off is worth it.

Haven Tarp

I gave this tarp 5 stars because it's the best 2 person tarp out there that fits my needs. It has worked every well for my girlfriend and I. Easy set up, light wight, and fits myself at 6 foot and girlfriend at 5 foot 10 with room to spare. I just ordered the netting and can't wait to get it!