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Flight 30 UL

Size Guide
20 oz - 570 g Pack

The Flight 30 has been out adventuring and lost some weight in 2018.  By lightening the weight of materials we reduced the overall pack weight by 4 ounces

The Flight 30 is now offered with or without a Hip Belt and with the standard shoulder straps for a great SUL Hiker or Day hiker pack.  With the Vest Harness it is a great pack for Ultra Trail Runners or for those with their sights set on a FKT. Each demanding packs that are small and compact, while still carrying a enough to travel several days between resupply.

Shoulder Strap
Hip Belt

  • Flight 30 is leaner than similar packs making it easier to negotiate cross country through brush.

    The unique vest harness allows runners to jog trails with complete freedom. No matter how fast your change of direction, the Flight 30 stays anchored.

    The Vest Harness not only provides stability to your pack. It adds six additional pockets for holding easily accessible items. No more searching for your snack, GPS or camera. Everything is there for instant access.

    The Flight 30 is a light weight pack with just enough features to get the job done. It leaves home all the useless frills that detract you from the task at hand.

    The Flight 30 is designed to ride high above your waist so as not to interfere with the natural movement of your hips.

    Need additional stability? Add the optional Ultralight hip-belt. The wide hip belt helps stabilize the pack and it's large pockets provide additional storage.


    While there are many Frame-less packs on the market these days. There are none with an Adjustable Torso Length. The Flight 30 allows you to adjust the torso length to adjust to both your body and conditions you're encountering. 

    As a Frame-less pack, you'll want to keep your base pack weight around 8 lbs. / 3.5 k and maximum weight below 20 lbs / 11 k. Comfortable weight depends significantly on the type of load carried and your conditioning.


    Vest Harness

    The Flight 30 works with the Six Moon Designs Vest Harness.  Our unique Vest Harness supports 6-point connection between the pack and your body. This connection system offers several distinct advantages.

    1. It eliminates any sway or bounce in the pack as you walk or run. The pack is fully locked to your body.

    2. It spreads the pack load across a much wider area. Instead of having all of the weight sitting on your shoulders or hips, much of it is spread across your core. This reduces or eliminates sores that can develop when too much weight is concentrated in a single area.

    3. The extra pockets in the vest provides additional storage for items you want to quickly access.


    Years ago when Ron Moak founded Six Moon Designs, his first pack incorporated a Vest Harness, he didn't design it so he could run or hike faster. It was designed to allow him to hike comfortably without a lot of pain. A bout of Cancer had made it difficult to hike more than a couple of hours at a time before stopping due to back pain.

    Incorporating the Vest Harness in the pack provides significant additional support for the back and spine. By spreading the weight, he was able to walk more upright and longer distances without pain.

    If you've found yourself unable to backpack as easily and as long as you once did, you may want to seriously consider the Vest Harness. We make no claims that the Vest Harness is a miracle cure, just that it helped Ron get back to really enjoying backpacking again.

    • Adjustable Torso Length
    • Two - Vest Yoke Styles
    • Two - Vest Sizes in Each Style
    • Deep Side Pockets
    • Shock Cord Compression
    • Large Shoulder Strap Pockets
    • Removable Hip Belt with Multiple Sizes
    • Minimal Contact Back Panel
    • Top Loading with Dry Bag Closure
    • Interior Zippered Stash Pocket
    • Ten Exterior Pockets
    • Daisy chain
    • Elastic Lashing Cord
    • Multiple Point Compression System
    • Ice Axe Loop
    • Dual Hydration Ports
    • Suspension
      Torso Sizes
      Pack Dimensions
      Maximum Load
      Base Weight
      16" - 22" | 38 - 56 cm
      11"W X 7"D X 17"T
      20 lb - 9 kg
      9 lb - 4 kg
      Ultra Running
      Fastest Known Times (FKT)
      Adventure Racing
      Day Hikes
    • Pack Body
      Body Contact
      Side Panels
      100D Nylon robictm
      3D Mesh
      100D Nylon robictm
      4-Way Stretch
    • Body
      Extension Collar
      Exterior Pockets

      Total Volume

      1900 ci 31 L
    • Body
      Shoulder Harness
      Hip Belt (Optional)

      Total Weight
      14 oz - 400 g
      6 oz - 170 g
      6 oz - 170 g

      26 oz - 740 g

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