Zach Gray

Ranger Zach of Wandering Ways


A call to nature has been instilled with him. The Glacier Mountains that bear his family name. A quest to journey to all parts of this world just like ancient ones before him. A modern day nomad living in an American World. Ranger Zach spent his childhood up in the Northern New Mexico Rockies. Snowmobiling in the winter and fishing the summers. At age 10 he moved to Montana to experience his own native lands. An enrolled Little Shell member,  he spent his time exploring the Montana outdoors, exploring, hiking and fishing alpine lakes. Hunting the eastern grasslands and Snowy Mountains. Finding a calling to be at one with nature and to live in harmony with it. Graduating with a Bachelors in Mass Communication and a minor in Native American studies. Zach has used his education to pursue a career in Indian Country. He started of as a Park Ranger for the Bureau of Land Management, working for Pompeys Pillar National Monument. From there he gained experience in the communications field by working for Gyro. After that he settled in at G&G where he continues to represent Indian Country on a professional level. Conducting research and executing strategic approaches to reach a niche audience while journeying to some of this countries most remote places. Experiencing and understanding cultural experiences from a unique perspective. With many miles explored and searched, this modern day nomad tells his story like the many generations that came before him. You can hear the adventures and stories today on the Wandering Ways Podcast.

Wandering Ways Podcast