SMD Commitment to


Since our humble beginning, we have held sustainability as one of the key tenants when producing gear. That is why we have always strived to use long-lasting material, minimal packaging, and encourage our customers to properly care for their gear and send it in for a repair instead of a replacement.

Six Moon Designs is committed to continuing to improve our sustainability by:

  • Utilizing recycled material where we can and/or materials that meet the Blusesign® criteria
  • Reducing the amount of plastic used in packaging, with the goal of completely phasing out single-use plastic by 2030
  • Our headquarters are powered by 100% renewable energy through the PGE Green Future Choice Renewable Power Program.
  • Eliminating all PFAS chemicals from our product line by 2025
  • Utilizing silicone-coated fabrics for our shelter line. This is not only PFAS-free, but also greatly extends the lifetime of our shelters, by eliminating delamination of the waterproofing found in PU-coated materials