Richard J Oliver Six Moon Designs Brand Ambassador

Richard Oliver was born and raised in a small mining village in Wales, UK. He studied Fine Art at University, graduating with honours and continued his practice of Art through the medium of painting. His Art has developed throughout the years, starting with an emphasis on figurative studio paintings transitioning into a new found appreciation and practice of plein air and landscape painting. 

Richard states “Painting in the open air is where I respond to the environment that surrounds me, where I observe and absorb information, where I immerse myself in the complex beauty of the natural world. Being immersed in nature gives me an opportunity to develop my subtle senses and unfold her beauty layer by layer. It is the ultimate practice of being present. To be human is also to be subject to an environment which we have no control over. To learn to surrender gives me a healthy sense of place in the world and a measure of humility. I believe it is only through humility that Nature will reveal herself. I strive to capture the beauty of the moment, depth of the atmosphere, and the notes of colour and light with an energetic spontaneity and a childlike wonder." 

Instagram: @richardjoliverpleinair

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