Pepper Cook originally hails from Denver, Colorado. She has spent the last 8 years living and working abroad mainly in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. In between bike shop jobs she spends most of her time bikepacking far-flung gravel roads on a quest for the perfect camp spot. In the last couple years she has bikepacked Peru, Iceland, Australia and parts of the US.

While not on a bike tour Pepper enjoys organizing a worldwide wooden spoon carving exchange in which participants have 30 days to carve and mail a wooden spoon to their assigned "Spoon Pal". When not wood carving and biketouring, Pepper spends the rest of her time listening to podcasts, en plein air watercolor painting, and practicing Ukulele. She currently resides in Seattle, WA until the travel bug strikes again.


You can find her bike stuff on Instagram at @bookbikebrew and her spoon pals at @spoonoutside.