Oliver "Ollie" Svoboda

Oliver standing next to a creek.

It’s just a long walk…who knew my life was saved from where my feet ended up taking me. 

I found the magic that happens to the mind, body, heart, and soul while being fully immersed in nature.


In my early 20’s I struggled with addiction, in and out of rehabs, cop cars, jails, sidewalks, and hospitals I got out of my last rehab in February of 2017. “Go hike this and see what happens” was written on a Appalachian Trail map my mom gave to me. A life saving suggestion from my mother that I will continuously remember -mom knows best. 


I embarked on my first thru hike of the AT in 2017, never backpacking before and five months later, I made it from Georgia to Maine. This trail broke me down in the most beautiful ways, it changed me more than words can ever describe, allowing me to truly find myself.


In 2018, I thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, a trail which shaped the gratitude I have for life today. In 2019, I dedicated my life experiences to help generations of people who have struggled with the similar things that I did. For 3 years, I worked as a Senior Guide at a Wilderness Therapy program based out of Durango, Colorado. During this time, I also hiked the Colorado Trail in 2020. 


It is now 2023 and The Continental Divide Trail is calling my name for the Triple Crown. I will also be attempting to hike West to the Pacific Ocean on the Pacific Northwest Trail once I get to Glacier National park, making this a 4,300 mile trek. 


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Instagram: @oliver_outside