Kyle Curtin is an ultra-runner focused on mountain adventures, although he enjoys skiing, biking, and hiking as ways of getting to the great outdoors too. He started running 100 mile races in 2012 with the Ozarks in Missouri, but his graduation to more serious adventuring began after getting out of the Army in 2015 with a thru hike of the Appalachian Trail with his recently retired father. Since then he has run dozens of ultra-marathons, hiked a couple thru hikes, and spent as much time in the mountains as possible.

In 2019, Kyle will be racing the Hellbender 100 near Asheville NC in April, the Nightstalker 97 miler in May (a fundraiser for his Army unit), and then hike the 1,200 milers of the Pacific Crest Trail to the startline of the Western States 100 mile race at the end of June. His home and base camp for adventure is Durango, CO at the western end of the Colorado Trail and foothills of the San Juan mountains.

Notable Achievements:

2014 Ozark 100 mile endurance run win and new course record

2015 thru hike of the Appalachian Trail

2016 win of the Quest for the Crest 50k

2017 thru hike of the Colorado trail, set FKT “5 man relay” record of CT

2018 Tahoe 200 win and new course record

2019 2nd American male at Ultra Tour de Mount Blanc 171 km race

Instagram: @curtin103 


Website of Blog: (coming soon)