Kasey, the “Radical Ranger,” was born and raised in East Texas, growing up on a farm in the Sam Houston National Forest. Agriculture, angling, and environmental stewardship helped cultivate a love for the outdoors and a sense of nature ethics that has guided Kasey’s adventures. Kasey received her Bachelors degree in Economics from the University of Texas at Dallas (2010) She moved to Colorado in 2011 where she earned her Masters degree in Environmental Management from the University of Denver (2014). She began consulting in the government and non-profit sector in 2011, where she got to enjoy a lot of variety and adventures, but it wasn’t her passion.

With a series of health issues and lack of support, Kasey took charge of her life by ending a 7 year marriage and pursing a career in parks and wildlife management. In 2017, Kasey became a Colorado Park Ranger and has developed many public education and skills programs. She also began to compete in long-distance gravel and mountain bike races, where she regained her health and confidence. She enjoys long days outside biking, hiking, fishing, or hunting…especially with someone new to the sport.

Kasey has a passion for helping people with physical, mental, and socio-economic barriers gain access to the outdoors through her programs. She is a board member for Blackpackers, coordinates with state and federal agencies to develop special-needs programs, and organizes events for multi-cultural outdoor experiences to be introduced to the outdoors. She has been working to develop the Outdoor Advocacy Institute: a passion-driven movement advocating for all persons to have meaningful outdoor experiences through community, personal development, and eliminating barriers. Through 2020, Kasey has plans to serve at least 500 new outdoor enthusiasts through her passion project, work, and partnerships with amazing organizations and companies such as Six Moon Designs!

Instagram: @radical_ranger_kasey

Facebook: @radicalranger

Twitter: @radical_ranger

Website: www.radicalranger.com and www.outdooradvocacyinstitute.com