Day-to-day, Joseph runs a social enterprise, community bike shop called BiCi Co that provides comprehensive training programs for youth and adults to learn the in-out/ups-downs of fixing, maintaining and staying safe on a bike. Located in Hartford's South End, he is privileged to connect with a wide variety of people from different social, socio-economic, and ethnic backgrounds that love bikes, community, and kids.

As an adventure travel and fitness junky, Joseph is an experienced mountaineer, martial artist, and ultra-endurance bike racer. While bikepacking and 100 mile mountain bike races are his main adventure stoke these days, he loves nothing more than to share and excite the vision of adventure in others. Blending his multi-sport and fitness background, Joseph founded Inspired Adventurist in 2015 to support people in planning, executing, and thriving on their bucket list adventures.

Since starting I.A., Joseph has helped individuals and teams climb Mt Kilimanjaro, paddle the sea-coast of Maine, win two master's rowing national titles, and discover many other adventures in their own backyard and half-way around the world. “Adventure is essential to our mental health and sanity. It gives us something to shoot for, and inspires our actions in the moment.”

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