Jim Sutherland


Jim Sutherland has never found it difficult to dream about adventures, whether at night when asleep or with his eyes open wide.  This approach has taken him all over the Scottish Highlands where he grew up; Spain, the Alps, the Southwest of the US by hiking, climbing, skiing and more recently by bike. 

Jim has taken a break from working as a guide to return to full time teaching Math & Outdoor Learning at his local high school in the spectacular Cairngorm National Park. This means more time with his family, the opportunity to pass on and share his passion for the outdoors to his pupils and to have even more time for adventures of his own.

This year Jim hope's to take lots of local, lunar midweek mini-adventures in his Six Moon Designs shelter, explore the far North Highlands of Scotland by bike, complete his first solo endurance event by bike of course and finally finish writing a day by day account of his attempt on The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route last summer.

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