Jim Sutherland Six Moon Designs Brand Ambassador

Jim Sutherland has never found it difficult to dream about adventures, whether at night when asleep or with his eyes open wide.  This approach has taken him all over the Scottish Highlands where he grew up; Spain, the Alps, the Southwest of the US by hiking, climbing, skiing and more recently by bike. 

Jim has taken a break from working as a guide to return to full time teaching Math & Outdoor Learning at his local high school in the spectacular Cairngorm National Park. This means more time with his family, the opportunity to pass on and share his passion for the outdoors to his pupils and to have even more time for adventures of his own.

Despite the pandemic, over the last two years Jim has been lucky enough to have plenty of midweek bikepacking adventures, fun adapting kit or DIY at home, celebrating a first overnight trip after a Lockdown was relaxed for a crew of buddies, which was entitled ‘beware.farm.folk’ and organizing the inaugural Moray Trail Twenty20 bikepacking route.

His main goal for 2022 is to build an endurance bike from almost entirely existing parts from his garage and then ride it unsupported on/off pavement and trails 1000 miles from Lands End to John of Groats (LEJOG) staying in his Six Moon Designs shelter.  This also might be a stepping stone to getting back on The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route the year after to sort some unfinished business!  Once the main route is planned Jim intends to incorporate visits to bookstores that feature in Louise Boland’s ‘Bookshop Tours of Britain’ as he thought this would be a cool thing to do and share with our own book group and store here in Grantown on Spey.

Jim also wants to keep helping his buddy Al with the dream of riding the 354 miles and the 26981 feet of ascent on the trail  ‘An Turas Mor’ from Glasgow to the extreme NW of Scotland at Cape Wrath.  Al wants to lead a group of folks who also have terminal illness to show others what is possible.  So far they have recced the last 60 miles and a cool, remote section just north of Inverness using ebikes.

Most of all Jim wants to keep sharing local adventures with friends, colleagues and new friends by biking or overnight trips right here in the Cairngorms National Park using my Six Moon Designs shelters.

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