International Sales Guide

If you're an International customer and are looking for information on International Dealers, Calculating Shipping Cost or to what countries we do and don't ship. Check out the rest of this article.

If you're an international customer, we recommend that you first contact one of our International Dealers for your purchase. If they are unable to assist you, feel free to contact us.

  • The most frequent request we get from international customers is "How much will it cost to ship my purchase?" We are reluctant to answer because it's just a guess. Fortunately it's really easy for you to find out your exact shipping, without asking us.

    1. Simply place your desired items into the shopping cart.
    2. Start the Checkout process. Select the option "New? Please Provide Your Billing Information".
    3. Enter your shipping address. Un-check the box "Register an Account?", to eliminate the need to register before seeing you cost.
    4. Proceed to the next step. Your shipping cost will be calculated and displayed. You do not need to complete the transaction.
  • Custom Duties vary significantly by country and are not included in the shipping cost. Please don't ask us to ship out your goods as gifts or sample units simply to avoid Customs. We simply ship too many international orders to jeopardize our shipping. We do hope you understand.

  • International Shipping is done via US Postal Service Priority Mail International. Delivery is generally 6 to 10 business days (For many major markets. Average number of days may vary based upon origin and destination. International shipping does include Tracking Information. On occasion orders can get caught up in Customs. Unfortunately there's nothing we can do about this. Eventually the customs log jam will clear and your package will be delivered.


    An optional Express International is also available for more money. According to the Post Office, delivery is 3 to 5 days with guaranteed repayment of shipping if not delivered on time to certain countries. Based upon our experience, I wouldn't recommend this service. The "Guarantee" is not  worth the paper it's written on. We don't and can't guarantee that you're package will arrive in the given time. If you chose to take this risk, it is up to you.

  • Japan: Six Moon Designs products are available in a number of retail locations spread around Japan. As such, we no longer ship directly to Japan.

    To find a retail outlet nearest to you. Contact our distributor Outdoor Gear Maniacs. They will be glad to assist you in locating a local Six Moon Designs dealer.