Originally from the US, Glenn moved to Taiwan and gradually fell in love with its mountains. What started as a field recording hobby collecting sounds around the country, morphed into an obsession with off-road motorcycling after nearly destroying his scooter one night on a rough mountain trail. Mountain exploration by motorcycle has its limits, and Glenn found them. Many dirt roads link up with a hiking trail and his natural sense of adventure pushed him to explore these trails. Eventually solo hiking dominated his free time.

Glenn typically hikes every week, which has allowed him to bag 50 peaks last year - though peak-bagging isn’t his main goal. There are plenty of easy peaks to reach in Taiwan, but he prefers the less popular, more obscure peaks that average hikers balk at. They aren’t always rewarding with great views, but often offer up a nice challenge that requires bushwhacking and off-trail navigation. This is where Glenn feels at home and what he enjoys the most.

Glenn’s exploration also takes him to abandoned aboriginal villages; many of which have been lost to the jungle when the villagers were forced to relocate long ago. He hopes to visit as many of the hundreds of “lost” villages as he can. 2020 will also bring more weekly hikes and exploration, including a solo coast-to-coast hike across the dangerous and rarely hiked Kunlun’ao Ancient Road - an old aboriginal trail system turned road by the Japanese that has now been reclaimed by nature.