Eva was born and raised in Huaraz city in the Cordillera Blanca, heart of the Peruvian Andes. Her surroundings moved her to outdoors, she did hikes, rock climbing and mountaineering around the Cordillera Blanca even though she was born with a condition called dysplasia. After some adventurous years she moved to Lima to persuade another huge passion, become a professional photographer.

After school and city life, she moved back to Huaraz and start working in tourism related companies, photography teaching, NGO’s and as a freelance photographer.

Eva’s dysplasia reduces her ability to move with time and climbing was not possible, then when she was 30 years old, she learned to ride a bike for the first time. Freedom again!! This year, at her 33 years old, Eva is planning her first big bikepacking trip from Huaraz, Peru to Ushuaia Argentina.

Instagram: @evavequ

Facebook: Eva VQ