DAHN PRATT Dahn began his love of the outdoors much the same way  everyone does, by going outside. Ever since then he's been binge walking or scheming up ways to do so.

Hailing from a multitude of different places, Dahn has embraced the vagrant lifestyle, not so much by choice, rather by necessity. Growing up in Israel, corrupted in New Jersey, educated in politeness in Canada, and having his patience whittled away in Japan, Dahn has predictably ended up homeless and unemployed.

Currently he is on a two-year, 10,000 mile escapade of continuous thru-hikes. Hiking the length of Te Araroa and the PCT in 2018, he hopes to continue his ambitious hiking for the foreseeable future.

His fascination with SMD began on the first leg of his current project when a fellow hiker's shelter gave Dahn a severe case of gear envy. Unable to shake his obsession he's been seeking to be part of the team ever since. We've considered resorting to restraining orders, but thought it better to simply give him a shelter so he stays away.

When Dahn is not hiking he can be found camping.

Instagram: @dahnhikes