CHRIS PRYNChris grew up exposed to the outdoor lifestyle in a family with a passion for camping, fishing and four wheel touring the Australian bush. He was exposed to backpacking as a teenager and the seed was planted. It wasn't until his early 20's that the passion was truly alive and he began dragging his Canadian wife up and down the mountains of the southern eastern Australia.

Now living in Chilliwack, Canada with his wife and baby daughter, Chris no longer climbs mountains for the bragging rights. Now he comes home with food. Chris is a mountain hunter. Self propelled into some of British Columbia's most beautiful and insane country in search of protein and adventure.

Chris is a storyteller and a writer. His passion for telling the story is second only to the adventure itself. Using tasteful content and providing a back story to the meat we consume Chris hopes to help improve the non hunting public's perspective of hunters. 

Follow along for another action packed hunting season in the British Columbia wilderness.

Instagram: @chris.pryn