Rue McKenrick is an American Professional Backpacker. He began his explorations by traveling through Europe as a teenager and young adult. After spending a few summers over seas he realized he had never traveled through his homeland. Being Appalachian born and raised, the next journey was obvious to him. He thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail and in the years that followed he completed the Triple Crown of Backpacking.

In between those trails he was an Ameri-Corp Member, Outward Bound Employee, Thru-hiker of several other backpacking trails, an Appalachian Trail Ridge Runner, Environmental Educator, and a Backcountry Guide. 

Rue is currently creating, exploring, thru-hiking, and designating The American Perimeter Trail. This 12,000 mile route circumnavigates the continental United States. He is several thousand miles into this trek and has began a grassroots movement to get the actual footbed on the ground.


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                  Rue McKenrick

Instagram: @ruemckenrick