Brandon Armstrong

My name is Brandon! I am a 17-year-old avid hiker from the stunning state of Washington! I grew up in the Seattle area and spent most of my life immersed in the scouting program. It was through Scouts BSA that I discovered my deep passion for the great outdoors, eventually earning my Eagle Scout award in November 2021. Since then, I've felt a calling to help others discover their own love for nature. Through my social media platforms, I've become a source of inspiration for fellow youth and teenagers, encouraging them to find their place in the great outdoors.

Last summer, I embarked on countless solo backpacking adventures, covering hundreds of miles around Washington. I love sharing my experiences with my viewers, many of whom are close in age and share similar life situations. My goal is to spread the joy and ideals of outdoor exploration, emphasizing that anyone can connect with nature and do challenging things.

Currently enrolled in an early college program, I'm working towards my Bachelor's in Cybersecurity, and plan to attend Western Washington University in 2024. While gearing up for my first Mt. Rainier summit this summer, I'm also excited about the prospect of tackling my first thru-hike in the coming years.

Instagram: @gorptexx

TikTok: @gorptex