Our ultralight tarps are designed for those looking for the ultimate combination of weight savings and protection while exploring the outside world. While ultralight tarps are one of the more popular options among ultralight backpackers, our tarps are also used by a variety of outdoor enthusiasts ranging from bikepackers, pack rafters and hunters alike. 
With award-winning designs like the Gatewood Cape, our tarps are more than just a flat piece of fabric. Most of our tarps consist of variations of a pyramid design to shed both wind and rain equally well. Many of our tarps pair with one of the two net tents we offer to turn your ultralight tarp into a double-wall tent. This is great when you want extra warmth or you need to keep the bugs at bay. By utilizing fabrics such as SilNylon, or Dyneema for our Zero Gravity line, we are proud to offer some of the lightest weight tarps on the market today.