Ultralight One Person Tarps

Ultralight One Person Tarps

Our ultralight one person tarps offer the solo outdoor user a lightweight shelter that is easy to carry while offering protection from the elements. We incorporate proven designs to stand up to the harshest conditions mother nature may throw at you, while maximizing the useable space inside the tarp for user comfort. Our award-winning Gatewood Cape not only provides the user with a fantastic ultralight one-person shelter but also doubles as rain gear while out on the trail. Using fabrics ranging from SilNylon to Dyneema, we are sure to have a tarp that fits your budget and needs no matter how long or short of a trip you are planning.


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Deschutes Ultralight Tarp With Door ClosedDeschutes Ultralight Tarp With Door Open
Deschutes Ultralight Backpacking Tarp
Sale priceFrom $190.00
Gray Gatewood Cape Ultralight Tarp Shelter with doors closedGreen Gatewood Cape Ultralight Tarp shelter with door closed
Gatewood Cape
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gatewood cape bundlegatewood cape bundle
Gatewood Cape Bundle
Sale price$275.00 Regular price$305.00