Swift X Hiking Backpack

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VX21 is a modern 4-layer fabric that is highly abrasion resistant, waterproof, and the perfect choice for a long hike or off-trail adventure.

Available in: Brown, Blue, Black

LS21 is a 3-layer laminate that utilizes spread technology. This waterproof fabric is strong and light.

Available in: Gray

Shoulder Harness:

Flight packs have 3 different shoulder harness options:

  • The Flight vest is a running-style vest that helps spread the load into one's core reducing pressure on the shoulders. This is our most popular option.
  • The Flight shoulder harness is a traditional strap system.
  • The S-Curve is designed to provide a comfortable fit for women.


  • Small: For those 5'7" tall or shorter
  • Large: For those taller than 5'7"

Shoulder Harness

Hip Belt:

Recommended Waist Size

Small: 26"-29"

Medium: 30"-35"

Large: 36"-50"

Hip Belt

Our award winning backpack designed with thru-hiking in mind.

50L Pack | Best for:

  • Thru Hiking
  • Bushwhacking and off trail travel
  • Triple Crown trails and long distance routes
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Swift X Hiking Backpack

Swift X Hiking Backpack

VX21 Coyote Brown / Vest Harness - Large / Flight Hip Belt - Large

8250 Southwest Nimbus Avenue

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

8250 Southwest Nimbus Avenue
Beaverton OR 97008
United States

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"Have spent over 200 nights since first buying my Lunar Solo back in 2016. It has seen conditions to -20°C up to +38°C. Above the Arctic Circle into the deserts of Israel. Down from the Dead Sea up to the open Tundra. A great shelter for great adventures." - Andrei

Updated for 2023

The New Swift X

  • Interior pockets are now deeper allowing for a secure place for your passport, wallet etc…
  • All the stretch pockets have been upgraded to ultra-stretch
  • The pack now has 2 additional side straps so you can attach and secure the roll top either up top or on the side.
  • Six Moon Designs Logo and Pack name are now on a small woven label, and no longer silk screened to the woven stretch pockets




Streamlined and efficient, the Swift X is designed to go where you go.

38.8 oz - 1100g Ultralight Backpack

The Swift X is a modern take on a time-tested design. Over 10 years ago, we designed the Swift. Ten years later, we’ve added some modern upgrades to create the Swift X. Constructed from lightweight, durable fabric, the Swift X joins our premium Zero-G line. This ultralight backpack’s simple, modular design means it easily configures to become your perfect pack for any adventure, be it a quick overnight trip or a calendar year triple crown.


The Swift X is designed to be lightweight, durable, and comfortable. Because we want the pack to be comfortable, the pack weight will vary depending on the configuration.

Configured as a Frame-less pack with Pack Bag and Shoulder Straps, The Swift X comes in at 27 oz. / 765 g.

In the Standard Configuration with added Stay and Hip Belt, and Flight Vest The Swift X weighs 38.8 oz. / 1100 g.

With the Vest Harness, you get additional stability in your load carrying and it brings the weight up to 40.2 oz. / 1151g.

Pack Organization

The Swift X provides ultimate functionality in a simple design. This ultralight backpack has a single roll-top main compartment that holds 41L with an additional 10L extension collar. A Y-strap secures the load top and provides a convenient and easy attachment point for a bear barrel.

Intentionally designed, the Swift X gives you easy access to snacks, your phone, maps, and all those little things you need to keep close at hand. You’ll find you won’t even have the need to take the pack off until you hit camp at the end of the day.

The side water bottle pockets are made from 4-way stretch woven mesh. They are designed so that you can grab items easily while on the go.

Inside the main compartment, there is a zippered pocket for your wallet to keep it safe and secure and easy to access at the first sign of a burger joint.


The Swift X comes in a variety of configurations, so you can get the perfect fit for you and your needs. You can choose from a standard shoulder harness or vest harness. Each come in 2 sizes.

The Swift X also comes with a removable hip belt available in 3 sizes.

Between the adjustable torso length, removable hip belt, harness options, and removable Delrin Hoop Stay, The Swift X can be dialed in to your exact preferences. Each configuration ultimately changes the weight of the pack from 27 oz. at its lightest to 40 oz. at its heaviest.

While the material used in the Swift X is waterproof the, packs themselves are not water tight. We recommend using a 50L Pack Liner.


Frame Configuration

The Swift X features a Delrin Hoop Stay Frame. 

Delrin Hoop Stay Frame Features:

  • Transfers load to the hip belt
  • Makes carrying heavy loads more comfortable
  • Reduces pack snag
  • Increases load carrying capacity by ~10 lbs | 4.5 kg

Recommended Base Weight: 12 lbs / 5.5 kg

Maximum Weight: 35 lbs / 15.8 kg

Frameless Configuration

The Swift X has the option to be configured without the use of the Delrin Hoop Stay Frame.

Frameless Features:

  • Decreases pack weight by 3 oz / 85 g
  • Great for fastpacking or super ultralight backpacking

Recommended Base Weight: 8 lbs / 3.5 kg

Maximum Weight: 25 lbs / 11kg

Harness Options

Flight Shoulder Harness

Shoulder Harness

✓ Traditional backpack shoulder straps

✓ Two 4-Way Stretch Pockets that hold 500ml soft bottles

✓ Sliding sternum strap

✓ Covers less torso area

✓ Weighs ~2 oz less than vest harness

Flight Vest Harness

Vest Harness

✓ Six points of suspension between the pack and user

✓ Eliminates sway or bounce when walking or running

✓ Transfers some of the load to your core

✓ Helps to eliminate sores on your shoulders and hips

✓ Helps to reduce back pain after long days on trail

✓ Provides extra storage pockets and quick-access options

Flight S-Curve Harness

S-Curve Harness

✓ Designed to accommodate people with narrow shoulders that have a larger chest area

✓ Two 4-Way Stretch Pockets that hold 500ml soft bottles

✓ Sliding sternum strap

✓ Avoids covering chest for more comfort

✓ Weighs ~2oz less than Vest Harness


Adjustable Torso Length

Three shoulder strap style options
(Shoulder Harness, S-Curve or Vest Harness)

Three exterior woven pockets
so you only have to unload your pack when its time to set up camp.

Rear Pocket

Two Side Pockets

Breathable and Durable 4-way Stretch Material

Large Shoulder Strap Pockets
to keep things close at hand

Removable Hip Belt

Minimal Contact Back Panel

Top Loading with Dry Bag Closure

Internal Zippered Stash Pocket for your wallet and other small necessities

Multiple Point Cord Compression System to keep your load stabilized no matter the size

Single Ice Axe or Trekking pole attachment point

Two layers of material in key points to strengthen the pack and prevent holes.

Dual Hydration Ports

Removable Hydration Bladder

Sliding Sternum Straps on Vest and Shoulder Harness

Delrin Hoop Stay for added support on those heavy load days.




Flight Series

Torso Sizes

16" - 22" | 38 cm - 56 cm


11" x 7" x 22" (WDT) | 28 cm x 18 cm x 56 cm


Heather Grey, Black, Coyote Brown, Blue

Maximum Load

35 lb | 14 kg

Minimum Load

15 lb | 5.5 kg or less


Lightweight Backpacking
Long Distance Backpacking


Pack Body

LiteSkin LS21 or EPX 200

Body Contact

3D Mesh



2502 ci | 41 L

Extension Collar

610 | 10 L

Exterior Pockets

305 | 5 L

Total Volume

3417 ci | 56 L


LS21 & VX21 Body

21.3 oz | 604 g

Delrin Stay

3 oz | 85 g

Large Shoulder Strap

7.5 oz | 212 g

Medium Hip Belt

7.0 oz | 199 g

Total Weight

38.8 oz | 1100 g

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Evan Graham
Swift X

I love this bag! So much more comfortable than my Osprey and I love the roll top. Has a few more organizational pockets than a similar ULA pack which is nice. Highly recommend!

The perfect pack!

Committing to an upgrade in my pack was a laborious effort and it seems like the more I looked and compared the different company’s products, the more confusing and hesitant I became. So when I finally pulled the trigger on the SwiftX I was both relieved and a little worried. After receiving it I immediately set off on a four day backcountry trip and couldn’t have been happier with my purchase. I really love the flight harness setup, the durable yet quiet material and construction and the placement of pockets and exterior storage. The inner compartment was great for stashing car keys and other important items such as cash and bank cards and held them secure. The pack rode easy at 25# fully loaded with food and water and I didn’t have one hot spot (not even my collar bones where straps usually rub me raw).
I have to also mention the Carbon Trekking Umbrella which was a life saver on wide open expanses in 90°plus heat.
Thanks again for the wonderful products and more than helpful and responsive customer service for sizing and fit questions.

Pamela Boyleston
Wrangle Mtn Backpacking

I found this pack to be comfortable and easy to adjust. There are a lot of straps but easy to figure out. The material is water proof but it is certainly not water tight (they did not lie with this statement). I set this pack down in a marshy environment only to find the bottom seam (that is oblong in shape, connecting the bottom to the sides) leaks. This was not a little water getting in the bottom of my pack but enough to wet the entire pack bottom both inside and out. This is not an ideal pack for a wet environment.
I chose the harness instead of traditional straps. It is comfortable but the pockets are small and difficult to access.
Overall,I would not purchase this pack again. The customer service has been spot on returning emails but this company is not willing to budge on their return policy stating the significant water leak is normal due to stitching.

Breast Cancer Survivor Chimes In

I had breast cancer in 2017 and was told that because of the danger of lymphedema (a complication of having lymph nodes removed to check for cancer) I probably shouldn't carry an overnight-sized backpack again. Despite this danger, I have made the choice to continue to backpack. However, with shoulder straps it has not been very comfortable because of the amount of scar tissue I have in my underarm area. As a result, I have chosen to use very well padded backpacks, even though they are relatively heavy. When I saw the vest option for the Swift X I thought it might help with my issues, and indeed it has. I had a lumpectomy and am medium-chested (C-D cup size), so I don't know if the vest would work as well for people who had mastectomies or are who have larger breasts, but for me it's been amazing. There is no underarm rubbing at all because the vest doesn't go up to my underarm area. This means that the area where lymph nodes were removed has no additional pressure on it and I suspect this reduces my chances of developing lymphedema, although I don't know that for sure.
Three other things that I really appreciate about this backpack are: the transfer of weight to my core (I actually had sore upper abs after my latest Yosemite trip with a load that pushed the 35 pound limit); the ability to cinch the pack down to day-pack size for summit days; and the waist belt system which is great for my curvy hips. I've always preferred women's fits in backpacks but this uni-sex pack works great for my body.
All around, I couldn't be more pleased. This pack will be the one I use exclusively for all but the shortest day hikes.

Best pack yet! I own alot

Fixed Whitney's van at my shop and he turned me on to Six moons. Bought the swift x. Just did a 3 day 25 mile trek with 35 lbs. I own lots of packs. Best 1 I've ever had !!!!!!