Stake Sets

New for 2018 - Now featuring L Stakes made from a much stiffer Aluminum (7075 instead of 6061)  They will now bend a lot less and hold their shape better when going into hard ground.  

We package two different stake sets - Single and Double. The choice of which set is optimal for your shelter, depends upon the number of entrances it has. We recommend using a larger 8" Easton stake at each vestibule. The larger stakes provide more purchase power in a wide variety of soils.

For example, if your shelter has two entrances. The Double Stake Set would work best.


Type Stakes Weight Shelters
Single 1 long - 5 short 2.2 oz - 62 g Deschutes - Tarp, Plus, CF
Lunar Solo - Std., LE
Gatewood Cape
Serenity NetTent
Double 2 long - 4 short 2.3 oz - 65 g Skyscape - Scout, Trekker, X
Lunar Duo - Outfitter, Explorer
Haven - Tarp, CF
Haven NetTent


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