Footprint - Tyvek

Six Moon Design's Tyvek footprint is made from hard surface Tyvek. This ground cloth is extremely durable and will protect your shelter floor from sticks and rocks. With proper care, one Tyvek Footprint will last for a multi-month and multi-thousand mile hike. 


Size Weight Coverage Color Shelters
Small 4.5 oz. - 128 g 84" X 36" - 213 cm X 91 cm White Lunar Solo - Std., LE
Deschutes - Tarp, CF, Plus
Skyscape - Scout, Trekker, X
Gatewood Cape
Serenity NetTent
Large 6.5 oz. - 184 g 84" X 48" - 213 cm X 122 cm White Lunar Duo - Outfitter, Explorer
Haven - Tarp, NetTent


Notes: For a softer feel, prewash your Tyvek in a washing machine. It will make the material softer and easier to fold.