skyscape trekker backpacking tent
Skyscape Trekker Backpacking Tent
skyscape trekker backpacking tent
skyscape trekker backpacking tent
skyscape trekker backpacking tent
skyscape trekker backpacking tent
skyscape trekker backpacking tent
Skyscape Trekker Ultralight 1 Person Tent diagram with size specifications

Skyscape Trekker Backpacking Tent

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Our most versatile 3-season tent is ideal for taller hikers

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Spacious, Lightweight and Awesome

"I’ve put 1,200 miles on this tent and I’m extremely happy with it. I’m 6’2” and have plenty of room inside for all my gear including my backpack. I can sit up in my chair with plenty of headroom. The tent weighs in at 2 lbs and I use my trekking poles to set it up. I love the dual vestibules and the options for ventilation and view its very worthy in a windy storm. The bathtub floor is easy to sweep out when packing up." - Michael

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Hybrid Double Walled – Uses Two 45” Poles
28 oz - 790 g Solo Backpacking Tent

With a floor that stretches over 8 feet long, you’ll have plenty of room to stretch out – no matter what your height.

The Skyscape Trekker is our most versatile 3-season tent. It has two massive side entrances, each with its own 8 sq. ft. vestibule. Both flies can be left open for sweeping 300° views. Or you can open and close the vestibules to find the perfect setup for your comfort and current weather conditions. The hybrid double wall design creates a bug-proof mesh interior and keeps that wet canopy at bay. And with an extra-long floor, you can get in a nice morning stretch or stow your gear.

*To completely repel water, shelters need to have sealer applied to the seams before use.
*Shelters including a seam sealing service may not ship immediately.

Skyscape Trekker open
Skyscape Trekker in the field

The Skyscape Trekker is constructed with 100% Silicone coated Polyester material.  The Canopy is 20D material and the floor has been constructed with 40D material for additional strength now available in a dark, olive green colorway. The canopy stretch has been decreased along with the packed volume. The Skyscape Trekker now features longer 1.8 mm cord rear guy outs (not shown in photos) which provide improved interior height at the foot and increased ventilation at the rear. The updated Trekker now features the same cord and tension lock system on the vestibules. 

All Skyscape models utilize a dual fixed length 45" or 115 cm pole support structure to create an A-frame like structure. This can be achieved through the use of trekking poles or our collapsible  Aluminum and  Carbon Fiber Poles (Sold Separately). While both poles work well with the Scout, the Aluminum poles are lower in price, while our Carbon Fiber poles are half the weight.

The dual pole structure is slightly offset from the center of the tent. The offset yields extra headroom when lying down, reducing that claustrophobic feeling. Further, it allows the Skyscape to be extremely rigid when guyed out, creating a structure capable of riding out the worst storms.


The Skyscape employs a Hybrid Double Wall construction. Over 80% of the canopy is separated from you by a mesh wall, keeping that wet canopy at bay. The Hybrid Double Wall construction allows the vestibules to roll back. On warm summer nights, convert the Skyscape into a net tent; pesky bugs stay outside while you enjoy the view and breeze from inside.

The Skyscape's large side entry door lets you easily enter the tent or retrieve gear. With floor-length over 100 inches, the Skyscape accommodates the tallest hikers. You can carry a light tent and still sleep well.

Trekker Model

The canopy and floor of the Trekker are constructed of Silicone Polyester. This fabric has been the workhorse of fabrics used to build ultralight tents for the last decade. Its main properties are its strength, lightweight and that it’s impervious to mold or mildew.

The Trekker is great when you want to be light but don't want to break the bank.

Skyscape Trekker tent


• Hybrid Double Wall

• Dual Entry

• Vestibules rollback for excellent views and ventilation

• Dual Pole structure is extremely stable in wind and snow

• Bathtub Floor

• Stash Pocket

• The wide ceiling gives plenty of headroom

• Extended floor for tall hikers

• Side entry for easy access

• Packs extremely small



Ships With
Pack Size
Tent, Stuff Sacks, Guy lines
15" X 5"
28 oz - 790 g
(sold separately)



Vestibule Size
Tent, hybrid double wall
Two 45" Poles
Side Entry
23 ft2 - 2.2 m2
16 ft2 - 1.4 m2



20D Silicone Coated Polyester
3,000mm Rating
40D Silicone Polyester
20D No-See-Um

#3 YKK


1. Weight does not include stakes or pole. 2. Support poles sold separately. 

Lost your set-up instructions? Additional instructions can be downloaded here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Great tent! Does have a learning curve

I purchased the original, single door version of the Skyscape Trekker in 2014. Used for 100+ nights, mostly in September in WY. The tent has survived some serious wind gusts and heavy rain/sleet storms above 10000′. There's plenty of room inside (without a pack). The vestibule is just large enough to shield boots from the weather. I seam sealed on arrival and reapplied 2 yrs ago just to the ridge line. I replaced the ridge pole with pex tube and have had no problems with that. Measured weight with seam sealing, pex tube and stuff sack is 27 oz. With stakes and guy lines, it's 30 oz. It's a great value for those that can’t afford DCF or don't care for translucent tents.

As with all non-freestanding tents, it's not always easy to find proper main staking points in rocky terrain. So, finding an optimal orientation to the wind or achieve a perfect pitch is not always possible. Lowering the poles 5-10mm seems to help bring the sides lower for more wind/rain protection, of course, at the expense of increased condensation.

But, the biggest issue is that the design has a low angled slope at the rear, single-wall panel. It’s not always possible to guy out this panel properly to increase tautness. There is usually not a convenient bush, tree or rock near to attach the guy line to, especially above treeline. Simply tying to a stake doesn't give enough angle to raise the foot. So, if not guyed out high, the rear panel will sag in heavy rain (even a 1/4″ of wet snow -see pic). Precip pools at the bottom and risks getting the foot of the sleeping bag wet, as others have noted.

Waking up every so often to knock snow off the tent from the inside, or going out in the weather to fix it makes for a long night.

Even with this issue, I've looked into pyramid, dome and other designs and it's still hard to beat this ~2lb, mostly double-wall tent. Seems the poly version may have less stretch, but this old tent of mine has become an old friend. Hoping I can find a solution to weather the occasional few inches of snow I run into.

Ryan Bade
Great service!

I haven't had a chance to use the tent yet, but I can definitely give 5 stars for super fast shipping, great customer service and a nice holiday discount on an already reasonably priced tent!

Andre Piwoni
Second purchase of newer version of Skyscape Trekker

I got pretty good mileage out of my first Skyscape Trekker in 8 or more years I had it. Zipper eventually gave up after so much use so I got a new version of this tent.
Fabric seems to be more durable on newer version and just as lightweight. I'm not sure I like integrated crossbar where trekking pole tips go. The reason being I'm not longer able to compress tent in my pack whereas before I always kept crossbar separated. In all this time I never had issues with stability of crossbar so I'm not sure why decision was made to integrate it into the tent without ability to remove it. I left this crossbar behind once, which Six Moon Designs replaced promptly, but I still would prefer to take it out. I wish new colors become available too.

Mark Coghlan
First test run was a success

This tent is brilliant. The design is insanely smart where it needs to be and simple where it can be. I know I haven't mastered the ins and outs, but my first overnight went very well. Slept like a baby.

Highly Recommend

I never write reviews, but felt compelled to on the Skyscape. I absolutely love it. I highly recommend that if you are someone who likes looking up at stars all night, consider this tent. I'm 6'2" and easily fit in this tent. There's room for gear beyond where my head is, as well as the vestibules if need be (don't confuse this with maybe fitting 2 people - it can't do that). Extremely light and small, so it's very easy to pack. A little tricky to set up at first, but after a few trips not hard.
I know the Lunar Solo from Six Moon get's the hype and awards - but for seeing stars all around you at night, I chose the Skyscape. Glad I did. Can't wait to get out and use it again!