To Infinity And Beyond

I’ve always rather liked the concept of testing gear to its limits. To see just how good any piece of kit is.  Indeed, my favorite pieces of equipment are almost always those that I have had the longest and which never seem to give up the challenge. They become a part of your outdoor identity and have earned the right of your company. Each with their own personality, stories and memories.  The kit you just never consider an alternative to and never leave home without.

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Springer Fever
26 years later, Allgood reflects on what his inaugural thru-hike of the AT meant for him then, and what it means for him today.
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A First-timer's Guide to Backpacking Costa Rica by Joe Kellam

We were fortunate enough to go on a backpacking trip to Costa Rica. This should be on everyone's top ten list of must-see locations. The beauty, the wildlife, the food, and the people are some of the best I have ever experienced.

Your first task will be planning on where to go. There are really three main destinations for the backpacker: Arenal National Park, The Nicoya Peninsula, and the several national parks south of San Jose.

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A hiker sitting on an open air outhouse in hart mountain wildlife area
A wise hiker once said: “The reality of backpacking is that you will most likely not get bit by a rattlesnake, eaten by a bear, attacked by a mountain lion, or harassed by sasquatch, but I guarantee after you have...
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