Jim Sutherland's Fundraising Bikepacking Trip from Land's End to John o'Groats - Part 1
Left Bala Lake, Wales campsite with my family who were once again going to be left by me for much of the summer holidays.  I’m glad I caught the 1204 train from Chirk to Shrewsbury as there was a mega-delay which ended up with my train being cancelled.  Trainline did a great job as I promptly received an email from them which basically told me not to worry and simply get on the next scheduled train from Birmingham to Penzance.  Which meant I was only an hour late and could reschedule my taxi to Lands End.
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Colorado Trail Segments 22-24 Trip Report By: Mickey Aka The Virtual sherpa

Jackie and I had been chomping at the bit to get back on the Colorado Trail after a successful year segment hiking it in 2021. With just about 100 miles and 7 segments left we were nearing the end but also knew that the remaining miles presented a number of logistical problems including TH access. We decided to split it up into two trips 22-24 and 25-28. With the tragic passing of our husky Juno earlier in 2022, we wanted to finish the CT in her honor while also bringing our new husky, Aria, along. Aria had never been backpacking before which just added to the logistics mess we faced. However, we had picked up so many lessons from our previous trips and were excited to tackle this trip! 

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A large crowd of people reaching for prizes at a festival
Pacific Crest Trail Days (PCT Days) is an annual trail festival celebrating the PCT and all things hiking.  With numerous onsite vendors which include backpacking gear, footwear, hiking apparel, gear repair, and everything else you would need to hit the...
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