6 Years with my Lunar Solo by Andrei Turró
Before I started bikepacking in 2015 I had been camping and spending nights in the woods during several weekends during my late teens. I had slept on the ground under a cotton canvas tarp, in lean-to shelters that we build out of scrap materials or if we were lucky we had rented a big half-platoon sized canvas tent previously used by the Finnish Defence Forces. During my conscript time in the Finnish Defence Forces we mostly slept in squad sized canvas tents, field hospital tents or island bunkers. 
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Bike packing for bikepacking by Andrei Turro
I have been bikepacking since 2014 and my trips have been from the Artic Wilderness to the countless Natural Parks and trail networks of Finland, exploring countries like Cuba, Israel, Croatia, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Estonia, Sweden, Norway and Spain. From the top of the mountains to the scorching desert all the way to -30°C winter woodlands.  So, in this little write up and photo drop I will show different ways I have packed different bikes for different adventures. Some small, some large, some close and some far.
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Jim Sutherland's 7 Favorite Backpacking/Bikepacking Foods
This piece1, (Scottish readers will get that pun) is about what I have learned to use and enjoy from over thirty years of Backpacking and Bikepacking.  I hope that readers find that it is about varied, enjoyable and sustainable eating; it is certainly not about the science of food and nutrition.
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